The Holy Guardian Angel - C. Furnace page 5  - copyright 1986 and 2005

II. Divided for Love's sake, for the chance of Union

From the limitless outpouring of the Light of Creation precipitate sparks of Life, which filter through to our plane of Time and Form. Each spark is made of only one substance, the undifferentiated Light, and leaves a brilliant trail to its source. Each spark follows its own path, and is molded by the resistances and resources it encounters. Though born from the same source, each is completely individual by the time it rests in Malkuth. Our time in the world of Form is short, and filled with change. While shrouded in Matter the Light is often obscured by fear, desire and acquisitions. But in some dark forms the spark still burns in the yearnings of a soul who has looked within and seen the gulf between Spirit and matter. Are you such a spark, deep inside? The full potential of each spark includes its ability to become self aware and retrace it's path to the origin of All. In the dynamic tension between Kether and Malkuth there is a midpoint where the microcosmic spark of the soul first sees it's reflection in the universal Light. In Tiphareth, the heart, the Holy Guardian Angel waits in potentiality.