In the SEFER YETZIRAH, the Qabalistic BOOK OF CREATION, we learn that :

  "Heaven was created from fire, Earth was created from water, and air from Breath, decides between them." (3:4)  

            On the Tree of Life, the Middle Pillar balances and unites the opposites of  Severity and Mercy, whose pillars flank it in the diagram.


              For over a quarter of a century, The Star Lodge has used the Middle Pillar meditation as the foundation and engine of our ceremonial magick. This technique unites the heavens and the earth within the body through focus, vocalization and breath.     Using shared chanting of different names of God and a shared vision of the Light of Creation returning to the world, we escape the walls we build around ourselves. Connected to the Light, we share in its diversity through it's simple unity.    We have assembled some tools to assist any who wish to experience this particular path. Try them, adapt them, personalize them and focus the Light into your life. If you find yourself laughing more, you are doing something right!  C. Furnace     2013

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The first word of The Rose Cross is ATH, sometimes written in English at Ateh and pronounced in Jewish prayers as “Ataw” or “Ah-taugh.” Most Jewish prayers begin with the words Baruch Ath Adni (usually translated as Blessed art Thou, Oh Lord). In The Rose Cross, the translation we are given from Dr. Regardie is “Unto Thee,” to match up with the Lord’s Prayer in English (“Unto Thee is The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory, Forever”).

 “A” (Aleph) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. T (Tau) is the last. The adding of a final H (Heh) to a word turns a verb (a process ) into a noun (an object). This is how QBL ( to receive verbally) becomes QBLH (That which is received from mouth to ear) or Qabalah.

So The Rose Cross begins with a powerful word to bring down the Light of Creation into the Crown or head of the Magician. It states that all of creation, from the beginning to the end and everything in between, is contained in that little word, ATH. Its number is 406.

So it Begins...



 Rose Cross

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I'd like to thank my various teachers over the last half century:

Rabbi Moshe Hecht

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Jerry Cornelius

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Aleister Crowley

Robert Anton Wilson

and my Father.


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