A. R. Orage

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A. R. Orage AKA Alfred Richard Orage

England 1873 - 1934

Comments: The Fourth Way WORK; One of the better Western Teachers of this difficult Path; studied the Hindu Mahabharata and Bhagavad-Gita;

Teachers: Plato; H.P. Blavatsky; G. I. Gurdjieff; P. D. Ouspensky; John G. Bennett; Edward Carpenter; Friedrich Nietzsche; Georges Sorel;

Students: Beatrice Hastings AKA Emily Alice Haigh; C. Daly King; Jean Toomer; Paul Selver;

Friends: Holbrook Jackson, artist; Jean Orage, 1st wife; Jessie Richards Dwight, 2nd wife; Paul Robeson; Arthur Penty; George Bernard Shaw; Ezra Pound; Harry Houdini; Achmed Abdulla, a.k.a. Nadir Kahn; Dylan Thomas; T. E. Lawrence;


Organizations: Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man; co-founded the Leeds Arts Club; Social Credit Movement;

Author: edited The New Age; worked on translating the first version of Gurdjieff's All and Everything as well as Meetings With Remarkable Men from Russian to English; , Consciousness: Animal, Human and Superhuman; Friedrich Nietzsche: the Dionysian Spirit of the Age ; Nietzsche in Outline and Aphorism; Notes of the Week of The New Age: "; published The New English Weekly, 1932; Psychological Exercises and Essays, 1930, the best on his Gurdjieff WORK;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._R._Orage; http://www.modjourn.org/render.php?view=mjp_object&id=1158589415603817