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Abbe Boullan aka Abbe Joseph-Antoine Boullan aka "Elijah John the Baptist"

France 1824 - 1893

Comments: Satanic or more precisely Luciferian ex-Priest who taught Sex magick and a form of Goddess worship; Marian or Virgin Mary worship; The Paraclete aka Holy Ghost; His technique, "celestification" could be achieved by 1) sexual intercourse with the higher spirit world and chosen human individuals through Union of Wisdom aka "unions de sagesse", or 2) sexual intercourse with the lower and elemental spiritworld and ordinary human individuals through a Union of Charity aka "unions de charité", the distinction being whether the active participant was reaching above or below his "station", giving or recieving "Grace"; also enhanced if not created the Sacrifice of the Glory of Melzchizedek & Provictimal Sacrifice of Mary; served 3 years and was defrocked for supposedly sacrificing his own bastard child; The Ministry of the Melchizedek Female; inspired Magician Dr. Johannes in Satanic novel Là-bas aka Down There, 1891; Alchemy; "Marisiaque of Carmel Elijah" ; Tantra; Averse Gnosticism; Antinomianism which breaks constraints and liberates Mankind by healing the Original Sin of Sex, repairing the Soul;

Teachers: Joachim of Fiore, author of Theory of the Three Ages  ; Pierre Eugène Vintras, 1875; Maria d'Agreda, author of la Vie Divine de la Sainte Vierge aka the Divine Life of the Virgin Saint; Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Pellei; Dom Luigi Navarro; RP Antonio Natali; Mary of Jesus of Agreda aka Marie d'Agreda (1602-1655); Father René François Rohrbacher; Charles François Lhomond; Karl Wilhelm Naundorff aka Carl Wilhelm Naundorf, 1775 - 1845; Abbot Etienne Guibourg;

Students; Joris K. Huysmans; Christian Giudice, author of Saint or Satanist? Joseph-Antoine Boullan and Satanism in Nineteenth-Century France ; Kaz Rathgar; Tau Ogdoade Orfeo IV ; Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine aka Bishop Hector-Francois Jean-Maine, successor, 1824-1893; Michael Howard; Maria de Naglowaska aka the Sophia of Montparnasse, 1883 - 1936; her husband Moise Hopenko; Jules Doinel, 1888; Joanny Bricaud; Pascal Misme aka Elie Jean Baptiste; Oswald Wirth; Maria Martin, seer; Patrick Bernauw, author of The Satanist Chaplain ; Carl Kohl, 1904; Ms. Berthe Courriere; Abbe Louis Van Haecke, of the Holy Blood Chapel of Bruges, author of "The Precious Blood of Bruges" ; Edouard Dubus; Francis King; Kenneth Grant; Michael Bertiaux, who claims him as a Spirit Guide, Boullan Bertiaux and the term boullanism ; Father Canon Rocca, author of The Anticlerica;Ruben van Luijk; Robert Baldick, author of The Life of Joris-Karl Huysmans; Marie Roche; Marie Ange; Christian Giudice, author of essay Saint or Satanist? Joseph-Antoine Boullan and Satanism in Nineteenth-Century France, Abraxas # 6; R. Ziegler; Tau Heliogabale, 2012; { Joanny Bricaud}, author of Abbot Boullan aka Johannes Doctor Là-Bas, his life, his teaching and his magical practices , 1927; Tau Charles Harmonius II ; John Kowalski of the "Order Maria Vitae"; Feliksa Magdalen Kozlowskaya ; Georges Bataille; Countess of Caithness; Donald Traxler ; Hans Thomas Hakll;

Friends: Henri Antoine Jules-Bois; partner, Adèle Chevalier; partner Julie Thibaut; Pope Pius IX ; Bishop Mabille, Bishop of Versailles;

Enemies: Stanislas de Guaita, with whom he fought a pistol duel, author of the attack against him Le Temple le Satan,1891; Charles Sauvestre, author of Les Congregations Religieuses Devoilees aka Unveiled Religious Congregations, 1879; Herman Bossier ; Fulcanelli; ; Papus, with whom he fought a sword duel and later reconciled;

Similar: Gilles de Rais ; Urban Grandier; Thomas Lake Harris;

Organizations: Roman Catholic Church; Missionaries of the Precious Blood; the seminar of Montauban; parish of Saint John in Montauban; Soiderquelk François-Bear, aka " Adhalnaël, pontiff vintrasien of Cordial and Holy Unification ", 1884, renamed by Pascal Misme, " Pontiff of the divine Chrism Melchisédéen " The Society for the Reparation of Souls; the “Church of the Carmel”; the Oeuvre de la Miséricorde aka The Work of Mercy;

Author: La Veritable Reparation Ou L'Ame Reparatrice par Les Saintes Larmes de Jesus et de Marie; La Cahir Rose, his confession to Inquisition; Les Annales de la Sainte au XIXe siecle, 1869; L'ouvre de Marie aka The work of Mary, 1869;The pious Pilgrims Pontmain. -Meaning of the symbols found in Pontmain, in the appearance of the Blessed Virgin aka Our Lady of Hope ; The glorious Patriarch St. Joseph before the Vatican fathers, according to the doctrine of the two postulates presented to holy Ecumenical Council; abridged history of the Church, by Lhomond - New edition ... continued to pontificate of Pius IX; "Annuals of Holiness (or Sacredness)" magazine; (tr) Explanation of Scripture, a servant of God. Apocalypse of St. John Apostle, the sacred text of the Vulgate and the French version, published by Dom Luigi Navarro, translated from the Italian ; (tr) The Glories of the priesthood, its obligations and its ills. Sample authentic revelations made to St. Bridget with explanations and important additions, according to RP Antonio Natali ; (tr) The Blessed Virgin, founder of Jesus Christ of Holy Church, a work written in Italian by Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Pellei; (tr) Divine Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or Abstract of the mystical city, according to Mary of Jesus of Agreda; Instructions on Father René François Rohrbacher; Nouvel Office de L'Immaculee Conception... En Latin Et En Francais... A L'Usage Des Fideles Des Communautes; Vie admirable du glorieux patriarche saint Joseph / extraits de La cité mystique de Dieu, extraits de La cité mystique de Dieu Vie admirable du glorieux patriarche saint Joseph / extraits de La cité mystique de Dieu, extraits de La cité mystique ;

Resources:; The Luminous Stone - Lucifer in the Western Tradition, (ed) Michael Howard & Daniel A. Schulke, 2016; ;; -; ;;