Abraham Maslow

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Abraham Maslow AKA Abraham Harold Maslow

America 1908 – June 8, 1970

Comments: created the Hierarchy of Needs assessment; Psychologist; focus on the positive not symptoms; humanistic psychology; human potential; metaneeds; metamotivation; self-actualizing persons; peak experiences;

Teachers: Viktor Frankl; Professor Hulsey Cason; Alfred Adler; Sigmund Freud; Ruth Benedict, anthropologist; Max Wertheimer, Gestalt psychologist; Albert Einstein ;Henry David Thoreau; Lao Tzu;

Students:Tony Sutich ; Carl Rogers; Martin Seligman; Erich Fromm;Chuck Furnace; Dr. Thomas A Harris; Daniel Goleman; Claude Steiner of "Scripts" approach; Baba Ram Dass; Rollo May ;Virginia Satir; Tony Robbins; Fritz Perls; Milton Erickson; John Grinder; Richard Bandler; both of Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP); Ira Progoff; Roberto Assagioli; Joan Halifax; Stanislav Grof; Andrew Weil;

Friends /Similar: Otto Rank; Wilhelm Reich; Colin Wilson, who lectured for his classes in MA;

Enemies: Christina Hoff Sommers; Sally Satel ;

Organizations: Brandeis University; Association for Humanistic Psychology;

Author:A Theory of Human Motivation, 1943; Motivation and Personality ; Religions, Values and Peak-experiences; Eupsychian Management, 1965; The Psychology of Science: A Reconnaissance, 1966; Toward a Psychology of Being, 1968; The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, 1971

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Maslow; The Essential Colin Wilson Chapter 2, Notes on Abraham Maslow; listen to an essay here - http://librivox.org/author/3653;