Abraham ibn Daud

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Rabbi Abraham ibn Daud aka אברהם אבן דאוד aka Rabad I aka Ravad I aka Ben Daud ha-Levi, may have been Avendauth the Translator

Spain 1110 - 1180 CE

Comments: astronomer; historian; philosopher; integrated Aristotle into Judaism;

Teachers; Anan Ben David, whom he later disagreed with; Aristotle; Solomon ibn Gabirol; Sa'adya Gaon aka Saadia Gaon; Alpharabius aka Al-Farabi aka Alfarabi (870–950); Avicenna aka Ibn Sina (980–1037) ; Bahya ibn Paquda ; Yehuda Halevi aka Judah ha-Levi ; al-Ghazali (1058-1111); Ibn Hazm, whom he disagreed with; Ibn Zaddiq; Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra; Yosef Ibn Abitur aka Yosef ibn Avitor, @950 - @ 1024;

Students: Moses Maimonides aka RaMBaM; Isaac Israeli the Younger ; Solomon ben Labi aka Solomon ben Lavi / Levi, translator of Emunah Ramah ; Samuel Motot aka Rabbi Shmu’el ibn Motot aka Shemuel ibn Motot, author of Megillat Setarim; Simshon Weil; Hasdai Crescas; Judah ben Solomon ha-Kohen ; G.D.Cohen; E. Krakowski ; Josef Albo; son in law RABaD aka Rabbi Abraham ben David of Posquieres aka Ibn Daud; Jaime Bages; Peter Morwen; Joseph ben Gorion, author of A compendious and most maruellous historie of the latter times of the Iewes common-weale [electronic resource] : Beginning where the Bible, or Scriptures leaue, and continuing to the vtter subuersion, and last destruction of that countrie and people. Written in Hebrew by Ioseph Ben Gorion, a nobleman of the same countrey, who saw the most things himselfe, and was the author and doer of a greater part of the same, 1615; Jacobus G. Swart;




Author: Sefer ha-Kabbalah aka Sefer ha-Qabbalah (Book of Tradition) aka Seder ʻolam Raba ṿe-seder ʻolam zuṭa u-megilat Taʻanit ṿe-sefer ha-Ḳabalah leha-Rabad; perhaps the same as Abraham ibn Dauds Sepher Hak-Kabbala: Übersetzung, Quellennachweis, nebst kritischen bermerkungen in German; or Sefer ha-kabbalah - Libro de la tradición in Spamish/ Ladino; , which attacked Karaism in favor of traditional Oral and Written Torah and Mishnah; Al-'akidah al-Rafiyah aka Emunah Ramah aka ha-Emunah ha-Ramah aka The Sublime (or Exalted) Faith, 1168; Yesod 'Olam (maybe), astronomy, 1180 ; Commentary on the Sepher Yetzirah;

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