Adam Halsmayr

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DR. Adam Halsmayr AKA Adam Haselmayer

Germany 1560 - 1630

Comments: Rosicrucian; Alchemy; Qabalist; saw had seen a manuscript copy of the Fama in Tyrol in 1610, printed in Cassel, in Hesse, Germany by Wilhelm Wessel; Believed in Theophrastia sancta, or the Religion of Two Lights (Nature and Spiritual Grace);

Teachers: Johannes Valentinus Andreae AKA Christian Rosenkreutz; Tobias Hess, later accused of being the heard of the Invisible Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross by University and Religious authorities ; Paracelsus; Dr. John Dee; Johannes Trithemius;Johannes Bureus; Caspar Schwenckfeld; Guillaume Postel; Christoph Besold; Paracelsus; Valentin Weigel; Johannes Kepler; Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas, poet; Karl Widemann; Christoph Besold; Simon Studion; Helisaeus Roeslin; Heinrich Khunrath; Sendivogius; Jakob Bohme; Lorenz Lutz of Meran; Paracelsus's last living medical assistant; Valentinus; Sebastian Franck; John Amos Comenius; Joachim of Fiore; Francesco Giorgi;

Students: Duke August von Anhalt of Braunschweig-Luneberg, who printed the Rosicrucian manuscripts into pamphlets, and upon whose behalf Halsmayr tried to contact the Order; A.E. Waite; Dame Frances Yates; Senator of Genoa, Andrea Grimaldi; Antonio di Medici;

Friends / Partners /Fellow Explorers: Christoph Welling; Wilhelm Schickard; Abraham von Franckenberg; Traiano Boccalini; Tommaso Campanell aka Tommaso Campanella; Wilhelm Bidenbach; Tobias Adami; Wilhelm von der Wense ;Johann Arndt; Johann Combach; friend then enemy Benedictus Figulus; Robert Fludd;

Enemies: Notarius Publicus to the Archduke Maximilian, who had him arrested and imprisoned on a slave galley; Jesuit Hippolyt Guarinoni; Thomas Erastus

Organizations: 1st applicant to the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross; Knight of the Holy Cross, an Order which proceeded that of the Rosy Cross;

Author: ex scriptis Theologicis Theophrasti (Theological Teachings of Paracelsus; Novum lumen physico-chemicum; Responsio (to the Fama Fraternitatis RC (The Fame of the Brotherhood of RC) 1612; Astronomia Olympi Novi Theophrasti ; Theologia Cabalistica de Perfecto Homine; Antwort an die lobwurdig Bruderschafft de Theosophen von RosenCreutz N.N. vom Adam Haselmayr, 1612; Philosophia sagax aka Sharp Philosophy ; Oratio Reuelatoria; Monarchia stellae signata aka The Monarch the Stars Signify;

Resources:; The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians: the world's most mysterious secret society by Tobias Churton, 2009 ; “Adam Haslmayr - Der erste Verkünder der Manifeste der Rosenkreuzer” (Amsterdam 1994)by C. Gilly;;;;