Adolphe Franck

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Adolphe Franck

France 1810 - 1893

Comments: French Qabalist; Qabalist; student of Christianity , Gnosticism and ancient Chaldean ; believed the origins of Qabalah must be sought in Zoroastrianism; Gnostic; Not a great translation of the Zohar into French;

Teachers: Victor Cousin; Jules Barthélemy-Saint-Hilaire; Plato ; Aristotle; Philo; Zoroaster; Moses ben Jacob Cordovero; Isaac Luria; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin; Martinez de Pasqually; Jean-Baptiste Willermoz ; Saint-Yves d'Alveydre; Richard Simon; Abraham Cohen de Herrera; Raymond Lull; Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; Marsilio Ficino; Johann Reuchlin; Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla; Cornelius Agrippa; Guillaume Postel; ; Paolo Ricci; Leo the Hebrew aka aka Rabbi Yehudah Abravanel aka Leone Hebrew aka Leo Hebraeus; Athanasius Kircher; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; Johann Georg Wachter, author of Kabbalistic Elucidation or A Brief and Succinct Account of the Hidden Philosophy of the Hebrews (Elucidarius cabalisticus sive reconditae Hebraeorum philosophiae brevis et succincta recensio, 1706; Moses Germanus; Johann Jakob Brucker; Johann Frederick Kleuker; Dietrich Tiedemann; August Tholuck AKA Friedrich August Gottreu Tholuck; Shimon bar Yochai; Simon Magus; Valentinus; Basilides; Sabbatai Zevi; Dr. Adolph Jellinek; Jacob Abendana;Solomon Miamon; Peter Baer; Rene Caille; Emanuel Swedenborg; M. E. Amélineau; Rabbi Akiva AKA Akkiba; Baruch Spinoza; Paracelsus; Henry More AKA Henry Morus; Jakob Bohme; Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont;

Students: A.E. Waite; Edmond About; Jules Michelet; Alfred Fouillée; John Bartholomew Haureau; Jean-Pierre Rothschild ; Jerome Grondeux; Jean Daltroff; Wouter J. Haneggraff; John Bruno Hare; Dr. I. Sossnitz, translator; Georges Vajda, 1908-1981;



Organizations: the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences; Central Consistory of Jews of Nancy; Society of Jewish Studies; League of Peace and Freedom; the National League against atheism; Freemasonry ?; Martinist ?;

Author: founded the journal Social Peace, 1891; editor and main writer of the Dictionary of philosophical sciences; La Kabbale ou Philosophie Religieuse des Hébreux aka ha-Ḳabalah, o, ha-Filosofyah ha-datit shel ha-Yehudim aka The Kabbalah, the Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews, 1843; Literary revolutions, literature thesis presented to the Faculty of Arts of Toulouse (1832); Outline of a history of logic, preceded by an extensive analysis of the Organum of Aristotle (1838, 1898); Communism judged by history (1848, 1849, 1871); Oriental Studies (1861 1864); Reformers and publicists of Europe, Middle Ages, Renaissance (1864); Philosophy of Criminal Law (1864, 1880, 1888); The mystical philosophy in France in the late eighteenth century- Saint Martin and his master Pasqualis Martinez (1866); Reformers and publicists of Europe, seventeenth century (1881); Reformers and publicists of Europe, the eighteenth century (1893); New Oriental Studies (1896);

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