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Aeschylus aka Αἰσχύλος aka Aiskhulos aka The father of tragedy

Greece @ 525/524 – @ 456/455 BCE

Comments: playwright of the Ancients; So beloved his plays were often paid for by taxes rather than gifts;

Teachers: Hesiod, in Theogony and Work and Days; Thespis ; Pindar of the Nemean Odes; Pythagoras of Samos; Okellos of Lukania; Archytas of Tarentum; Diodorus; Homer; Babrius;

Students: John Milton ; Sophocles ; Euripides; Aristotle; Plato; Lucian; Sappho; Aesop ; Ovid; Aristophanes; Mary Wollstonecraft (Shelly), author of Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus ; Angelo Casanova; George Smith (1840-1876), who discovered the Enuma Elish, the pre-Noah Flood account from Babylon which has some similar elements before Classical Greece; William Lynch; Harold Bloom, critic at Yale; Thomas Rosenmeyer; Olga Raggio; Hugh Lloyd-Jones; Sir J. T. Sheppard ; Richard Wagner; Edith Hamilton, mythologist;





Author: between 90 -70 plays, of which only 7 survive; Prometheus Bound aka Prometheus Desmotes, part 1 of the 4 part cycle which included the lost Prometheus Delivered (Lyomens), Prometheus the Fire Bringer (Pyrphoros), and Prometheus the Fire Kindler (Pyrkaeus); The Oresteia; and the lost Proteus; Agamemnon; The Libation Bearers (Choephoroi) with Electra ; The Eumenides aka a nicer name for The Furies; Myrmidons; Nereids; Phrygians aka Hector's Ransom; Niobe; more lost plays we wish we had are The Bacchae (not Euripides version); Callisto; Circe; The Egyptians; The Men of Eleusis; The Nurses of Dionysus'; The Phrygian Women; The Priestesses; Sisyphus the Runaway; Sisyphus the Stone Roller; The Sphinx; The Spirit-Raisers; Weighing of Souls

Resources: Age of Pericles lecture series by Prof. Jeremy McInerney;;; read him here - ;