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Alan Leo AKA William Frederick Allan

England 1860 - 1917

Comments: Astrology ; celibacy; fun fact, the original Raphael wrote at the turn of the 1900s, popular books on Astrology, reading palms and heads, etc.

Teachers: GRS Mead; John Thomas (Charubel); Frederick Lacey AKA Aphorel; Walter Old AKA Walter Gornold AKA Sepharial; Eberhart Walper, author of Wheel of Fortune aka Glucks-Rad order Wurfel-Buch, 1820; Hague, author og Hague’s Christian Almanac, 1846; Author Unknown, Egyptische Geheimnisse aka Egyptian Mysteries aka The Gypsy Book, 1844; Dr. C.W. Roback aka Charles W. Roback, author of The Mysteries of Astrology and the Wonders of Magic, 1854;

Students: Hans Nintzel; Ada Elizabeth Murray Phillips AKA Bessie Leo, wife; Harold Scrutton; Charles Carter; Kim Farnell; Grant Lewi; Joan Quigley; Nancy Reagan; Marc Edmund Jones of the Sabian Symbols ; Frank Earl Ormsby, author of The law and the prophets - a scientific work on the relationship between physical bodies, vegetable, animal, human, and planetary;

Friends: H.S. Greene; Annie Besant; Robert T Cross (AKA Raphael); Edward H Bailey; J. Krishnamurti;

Enemies: AJ Pearce (AKA Zadkiel); Charles Carter; Hugh MacLean of the City of London Police;

Organizations: Theosophical Society; The Celestial Brotherhood; Astrological Society;

Author: Astrology for All series; The Art of Synthesis (1912) ; Practical Astrology; Casting the Horoscope; articles for The Occultist, associated with P. B. Randolph's Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor; The Astrologer's Magazine (renamed Modern Astrology, 1895); may have been one of the Raphael pen-named authors as well;

Resources:;; ; ; THE OCCULT IN NINETEENTH CENTURY AMERICA, edited by Cathy Gutierrez, 2005;