Alan Moore

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Alan Moore AKA Alan Oswald Moore AKA Curt Vile AKA Jill de Ray AKA Translucia Baboon

England 1953

Comments: Comic book writer, Occultist, very theatrical; Neopaganism; ceremonial magician; wizard; vegetarian; anarchist;

Teachers: Austin Osman Spare; Aleister Crowley; H. P. Lovecraft; Arthur Machen; William S. Burroughs; Thomas Pynchon; Robert Anton Wilson ; Iain Sinclair; Michael Moorcock ; Clive Barker; Jack Kirby; Will Eisner; Harvey Kurtzman; Alexander of Abonoteichus of the ancient Roman snake god Glycon;

Students: Neil Gaiman; Joss Whedon; Damon Lindelof;

Friends: Steve Moore; Dave Gibbons ; Kevin O'Neill ;

Enemies: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Freemasonry;

Organizations: The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels

Author: Watchmen; V for Vendetta; From Hell; Batman: The Killing Joke; Superman -Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? ; Swamp Thing; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; brought his character Promethea through the Tree of Life to meet Aleister Crowley; Neonomicon; many comics, writing a Magick book, occult textbook known as The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic with Steve Moore; Brought to Light,

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