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Alan Richardson

England 1951 - present

Comments; Western occult researcher, close to Dion Fortune 's lineage;

Teachers; Dion Fortune; William G. Gray; Charles Seymour; Christine Campbell Thompson; Aleister Crowley; Dr. Francis Israel Regardie; T. Lobsang Rampa; W. E. Butler; Doreen Valiente; Patricia Crowther; Kenneth Grant; Geoffrey of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph, author of Vita Merlini aka Life of Merlin, @ 1100 CE; William G. Gray;




Fellow Researchers: Ronald Heaver; R.J.Stewart; Rodney Orpheus; Francis King; Stephen Skinner; Christopher S. Hyatt; Nicholas Tharcher; Lionel Snell; Colin Wilson; Tobias Churton ; Nevill Drury; W. B. Crow ; John Symonds ;


Author: The Inner Guide to Egypt: A Mystical Journey Through Time & Consciousness with B Walker-John; Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune: The Logos of the Aeon and the Shakti of the Age; Working with Inner Light: The Magical Journal of William G. Gray, with William G. Gray, Jo Clark; Ancient Magicks for a New Age, with Geoff Hughes; Magical Kabbalah; Magical Gateways; The Magical Life of Dion Fortune: Priestess of the 20th Century; which may be a revision of PRIESTESS: The Life & Magic Of Dion Fortune ; The Inner Guide to the Megaliths; The Setian: The Mysteries of the Shadows, with Billie Walker-John; The Fat Git - the story of a Merlin; The Old Sod: The odd life and inner work of William G. Gray - a real magician; Starfall - when Hollywood fell to Dorset; Sex and Light! How to Google your way to God Hood; Working with Inner Light - with Jo Clark; Earth God Rising - the Return of the Male Mysteries; Inner Celtia with David Annwn; Gate of Moon; Dancers to the Gods, the Magical Diaries of Christine Campbell Thompson and Charles Seymour for the years 1937-39, reprinted as 20th Century Magic; Ancient Magick - with Geoff Hughes; The Magician's Tables; novel -The Giftie; childrens' book The Great Witch Mum; Shimmying Hips, electronic only; Letters of Light. The Magical Letters of William G. Gray to Alan Richardson, 2015;