Albert Pike

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Albert Pike AKA "Casca"

America 1809 – 1891

Teachers: Eliphas Levi; James Anderson; William Preston; Thomas Smith Webb; Rob Morris; Malcom C. Duncan;

Students: John Yarker;Albert Mackey; Walter Fleming, Ku Klux Klan;

Friends: Mary Ann Hamilton,, wife; Cherokee chief John Ross;

Enemies: Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman, tried to have him court-marshaled;

Organizations: Confederate Army; Independent Order of Odd Fellows, 1840; Freemasonry; complied the Scottish Rite;

Author: The Arkansas Form Book (Law book); Maxims of the Roman Law and some of the Ancient French Law, as Expounded and Applied in Doctrine and Jurisprudence.; Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, 1871; Indo-Aryan Deities and Worship as Contained in the Rig-Veda; Lectures of the Arya; The Meaning of Masonry; The Point Within the Circle; Reprints of Old Rituals

Comments: Mystic, copied passages of Eliphas Levi in Morals and Dogma ; pro slavery; metaphysic of Masonry;