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Aleister Crowley AKA Edward Alexander Crowley AKA Frater Perdurabo AKA I shall endure until the End AKA The Great Beast 666 AKA Master Therion AKA V.V.V.V.V. AKA "Laird of Boleskine" AKA Prince Chioa Khan; AKA Sir Alastor de Kerval aka Alister Krouli aka H. D. Carr aka The Old Crow aka Uncle AL (AL, all capitols, is the Key to the Book of the Law, as well as an abbreviation of his chosen 1st name)

England 1875 - 1947

Comments: Thelema;Rosicrucian; Qabalist; sex magick; Tarot; chess master; mountain climber; traveler to the Oriental parts of the British Empire; part Holy Man, part Con Man, especially after the fortune he inherited was wasted; Raised in strict Plymouth Brethren household, yet with a fortune in beer breweries, he was neglected and isolated as a child, became a rakish University student, and went on to be a member of the British Intelligentsia; His Will was not always up to the challenges he gave his body, and he became addicted to doctor prescribed morphine in his adulthood; Thus his life is a cautionary tale, he experienced great heights, but also the lowest depths, went from riches to rags, and died alone and virtually friendless on welfare.

So, before "religiously" following Uncle AL's path, suggest you consider where he produced great WORK and when he "broke bad". His example is of the advantages of keeping one's Spiritual Life separate from making one's income in the Material World. "Let Success be thy Proof", as Uncle AL counsels in Magick In Theory and Practice, and he was including material success, should not lead to living on charity or drug addiction as "success". One must distill the Gold from the Dross of his teachings, refine the "Dead Head" into elixir, and experiment cautiously to extract the Wisdom from the Folly that lead to his later years of difficulties - hint, EGO has more than a small part in his Fall, as well as his Antinomianism methods, as a reader of the New Testament, he should have recognized that the Scarlet Woman brings total destruction before a New World can be manifested. Perhaps, more Christ - like than he would like to believe, he tried to bargain for that New Aeon with his own suffering. Yes, that sound you hear is The Old Crow rolling over in his grave! ;

Much has been made as to whether Uncle AL's Holy Guardian Angel should be identified with Shaitain of Persia or Satan of the Christian Bible, since the Book of the Law is so obviously...influenced by the King James. As all my Thelemite friends are tired of hearing, Aiwass was the NAME of The Beast's Holy Guardian Angel, not your's, so in running across it in ritual it is necessary to substitute your own Angel's name to taylor the ritual to your own WORK. Jerry Cornelius, my old Lodgemaster from the Brocken Mountain OTO, insists on identifying Crowley as a Satanist, and writes brilliantly (if opinionatedly) as "SATAN IN BERKLEY " on the subject on Facebook. We will look at the question of the Devil in a future essay, comparing Dante's Satan with John Milton's Lucifer, the Catholic Devil to the Protestant. This will cover the initiated version of the Old Testament story of Job (and Jesus' resurrection), the Wicca theories of Margaret Murray and Starhawk; The transition from Horned God to Evil Power to Nature Freed; The influence on "Bad Boys" of the 17 and 18 th centuries (looking at you, William Blake and Uncle AL, the Old Crow Aleister Crowley); Modern interpretations such as the Ann Randian Selfishness of Anton LaVey to dangerous Cthulhuoid invocations culled from the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft. In the meantime, check out the essay on Good and Evil or Theodicy for background; Creator of quasi- Masonic Rites;

Teachers: Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; Allan Bennett; Aiwass (his HGA), George Cecil Jones , Theodor Reuss; Carl Kellner; influenced by Gurdjieff, Rabelais; the New Testament; Joseph Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall ; Karl Eckartshausen; Don Jesus Medina; Reverend James Lyon Bowley; WM Edward-Philip Denny; Herbert Charles Jerome Pollitt AKA Diane de Rougy; Hanns Heinz Ewers ; Comte de Gabalis as described by Abbe N. de Montfaucon De Villars; William Stirling; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Charles Baudelaire; George Santayana; Reverend Henry Prince aka Henry James Prince of the Children of the Resurrection, the Agapemone (in England); the Agapemone of America aka Arizona Abode of Love, @1930s; Reverend John Hugh Smyth-Pigott of the Agapemonite Church; Catherine Smyth-Piggot , his official wife; Sister Eve Patterson; Douglas Hamilton; Ruth Anne Preece; Kate Barlow; Ruth Ranken of Barnet; William Blake; Sabbatai Zevi; Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf of the Moravian Church; his son Christian Renatus of the Society of Little Fools; Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka Mother Eve aka the Sophia of Bohme ,(1670 - 1721) of the Buttlarsche Rotte aka the Buttlarian gang and the "Christliche und Philadelpische Sozietät" (aka Christian and Philadelphical Society); Jakob Bohme; Emanuel Swedenborg;

Students: Kenneth Grant; Kenneth Anger; Jack Parsons aka John Whiteside Parsons; Gerald Gardner; Robert Anton Wilson; Austin Osman Spare; Marcelo Ramos Motta, Jerry Cornelius aka J. Edward Cornelius; Grady McMurtry AKA Hymenaeus Aplpha;, Chuck Furnace, Stephen Mace,Tobias Churton, Dr. Francis Israel Regardie aka Frater E. N. L.; J.F.C. Fuller; Elaine Simpson AKA Soror Fidelis; Ada Leverson AKA The Sphinx, 1907; Mary d'Este Sturges nee Dempsey "Desti" AKA Soror Virakam', October 1911 - 1912; Helen Westley AKA Helen Hollis AKA the Snake' ; Vera "Lola" Stepp; Victor Neuburg; Phyllis Seckler AKA Phyllis Wade Seckler AKA "Soror Meral; Richard Noel Warren; Horace Sheridan-Bickers; George Raffalovich; Francis Henry Everard ; Joseph Fielding; Herbert Edward Inman; Kenneth Ward; Frater Achad AKA Charles Stansfeld Jones; Cecil Frederick Russell; Leila Waddell AKA Laylah, Sr. Hilarion AKA Jeanne Foster AKA The Cat; Gerda Maria von Kothek AKA The Owl, Crowley's lover from April 12, 1916 through Sept 1916; Rose Edith Kelly, AKA Quarda or Ouarda, the Rose,1st wife; Hellen Hollis; Alice Richardson AKA Ratan Devi AKA 'The Monkey'; Wilfred Smith AKA Frater 132; Evangeline Adams; Leah Hirsig AKA Soror Alostrael, whose diaries survive from her Scarlet Woman period; Susan Strong, 1899; Anna Katherine Miller AKA The Dog, Roddie Minor AKA Soror Ahitha 'the Camel',1917; Marie Rohling nee Lavroff, 'the Dragon' 'Soror Olun'; Bertha Almira Prykryl nee Bruce; Fernando Pesso; Deirdre Patricia MacAlpine nee Doherty, mother of son Aleister Ataturk; Frieda Harris AKA Freida Bloxam Harris, wife of Sir Percey Harris of the Liberal Party; Cliford Bax; Greta Valentine; Ray Burlingame AKA "Frater Aquarius" (1893-1965); Georgina "Jean" Brayton AKA "Soror Capricornus"; Anne Macky AKA Soror Fiat Yod, 1943 ; Ninette F. Shumway aka Isabella Fraux aka Sister Cypris ; Dorothy Olsen aka Sister Astrid; Kassimira Bass, lover from 1927-1928; Maria Teresa de Miramar aka Maria Theresa Ferrari de Miramar AKA "The High Priestess of Voodoo.", 2ND WIFE ; Hanni Larissa Jaeger; Bertha 'Billy' Busch; Pearl Brooksmith, 1933; Nicholas Bishop-Culpeper; Ray Sherwin, Chaos Magician AKA "Thessalonius Loyola" ; Tony Venables; Arthur Calder-Marshall; Raoul Loveday; his wife Betty May AKA Tiger Woman; Andrew Standish, AKA Amado Crowley 777 (not related); Rodney Orpheus; Don Webb ; Barry Hale; Steven McCubben; Nina Hamnett; Muriel Bruce Hasbrouck; Keith Hogg; Francis King aka Francis X. King; Stephen Skinner; Arnold Krumm-Heller; Sunny Shah; Helen Parsons Smith; Geoffrey Ashe; Gerald Suster; Mary Butts; Frank Bennett of the Australian OTO; Christopher S. Hyatt; Nicholas Tharcher ; Steve Wilson; James Branch Cabell, SF author; Dennis Wheatley, horror author and British spy; Lionel Snell; David Curwen; Colin Wilson; T. Casey Brennen; Benjamin Walker; Louis Culling; Nema, Priestess of MAAT; Frater AIO-N 131; Frater PVN; David P. Wilson ; David Tibet ; Hajo Banzhaf ; James A. Eshelman; Henrik Bogdan; "Yael Dragwyla"; Ian Corrigan; David Cherubim; Jake Stratton-Kent; Roger Hutchinson ; Tobias Churton ; Peter Conte; Paul Weston; Robert C. Stein; Colin D. Campbell; J. Daniel Gunther; Terence DuQuesne; Martin Booth ; Richard B. Spence; Bruce Dickinson ; Julian Doyle; Sandy Robertson ; Scott Michaelsen ; Wolfgang Gregory Zeuner; David Cherubim; James M. Bratkowsky ; Antony Clayton; Gary Lachman; Andy Sharp; Larry Baukin; Martin Starr; Sophie di Jorio; Oliver St. John ;Cathryn Orchard; William Breeze AKA Hymenaeus Beta,current head of the OTO in America; Stephen Skinner; Nevill Drury; Alan Richardson AKA Arthur Edward Richardson? ; W. B. Crow AKA William Bernard Crow (1895 - 1976); Robert Buratti; Stephen J King; Marco Pasi; P. T. Mistlberger ; Charles Richard Cammell; Joshua Seraphim; John S. Moore ; Dave Evans ; P. Zoccatelli aka Pier Luigi Zoccatelli ; Blair MacKenzie Blake; Duncan Blake; Danny Carey ; Christian Bouchet; Jerry Kay; Frater Julianus; Frater Shiva of the "Solar Lodge," in the 1960s; Susan Roberts, biographer; Augustus John; Edward Noel Fitzgerald AKA Frater Agape IX, (1908-1958); Martin Starr; Victor Hall ; Timothy d’Arch Smith; Nat Freedland; Richard Kaczynski; Keith Hogg; J. F. Brown; Michael Kirby; Gareth Hewitson-May; Will Parfitt; Andrew Drylie, co-editor of Agape magazine; K. A. Meyers; Jake Stratton-Kent; Trevor Langford ; Penny Langford; Douglas Hurd ; Todd Pratum; Alan Miller; Rodney Raske; Sharon Raske; Christopher Legener AKA Chris Piss; Christopher Jonson; The HOPE Organization, Pittsburgh, PA; Genesis P-Orridge ; Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin; David Dalton, who might also be O.M. Dalton; Burgo Partridge; Edward Williams; Michael Effertz; Reea Leffingwell; Roy Leffingwell; Joseph C. Crombie; Mildred Burlingame; Carl William Hansen (AKA Ben Kadosh) of Denmark; Arturo Reghini ; Grunddal Sjallung; Marc Lully of the OTOA; Pelle Bull (AKA Per Jorgensen); Heinz Bolke ; A. P. Naylor; Peter Koenig AKA Peter-Robert Koenig ; Rudolf de Laban; Hans Rudolf Hilfiker; Sharon Morton ; Dave Evans; Andrea Bacuzzi; James Graeb; Clive Harper; "Sabazius" AKA David Scriven; John Crow; Geraldo de Campo; Frater Stilifo, in Japan; Alberto Moscato; Philippe Pissier; Mathieu Léon; Angus Maclise; Marco Pasi ; David Curwen ; Michael Staley; George M. Cowie; Rusty Sporor; Russell Sampsell; Janice Harris; Vere Chappell (AKA Frater SLQ); Lita-Luise Chappell; James Wasserman AKA Ad Veritatem, and Nancy Wasserman; Dathan Biberstein; Ben Fernee; Fr. Αληθέυω; Andreas Huettl ; Achim Otremba; Joachim Schmidt ; Christian Bouchet; Manuela Kuehne; Georg Mackowiak; Joseph Thiebes ; Tobias Churton; Hanns Heinz Ewers; Martha Küntzel; Friedrich (Frederic) Lekve ; Thomas Windram of South Africa OTO; L. F. Jean-Maine of the Ordo Templi Orientis Antique; Professor Emil Schaub ; John Daniel Reelfs; Michele de Vincenzo Majulli; Edoardo Frosini ; J. van Notten; Florence van Notten ; Frederic Alfred Beeker; G. di San Fortunato ; Isabella Oedenkoven, wife of Henri Oedenkoven; Hans Rudolf Hilfiker-Dunn AKA "Nothung" (The Sword of the Valkyries); Rudolf Jean Baptiste Attila Laban de Varalja (1879- 1958), dancer; Mary Wiegmann ; Laban de Laban AKA "Varalja";Elga Feldt; Suzanne Perrottet; Käthe Wulff ;Frau Lederer; Baron Herbert von Bomsdorff-Bergen; Oskar Bienz; Imre Schreiber; W. Rosenblum; Heinrich Friedländer; Oskar R. Schlag; Alice Sprengel, 1871-1947; Engelhard Pargätzi AKA "Tristan" ; Rolf Merlitschek; Martin Bergmaier; Helen Walder; Carl Heinz Petersen (1912-1957); Oscar Schlag; Paolo Fogagnolo; Wilfried Ball; George Sylvester Viereck; Jean Pair; Marcus Jungkurth; Michael D. Eschner; Julius Meyer; Dieter Heikaus of the Ordo Saturni; Baron Ernst Theodor Herbert von Bommsdorff-Bergen AKA Christian Kreuz; Michael Bertiaux; Jordi García Casas ; Juan José Comas García; Paolo Fogagnolo of the Fraternitas Rosa Croce Dorei ed Antica and Lo Muscio Brigade (BLM); Dr. Gabriel Montenegro y Vargas AKA "Zoepiron, Theopilos" ; James Beck AKA Jimmi Rocket; Geoff Smith; Clint Warren of South Africa; Clive Aleister Windram ; Nelson and Ann White AKA Sorer Veritus of the Temple of Truth; Michael Effertz; David Hoye; April Funcke; Alexander Watt; Kieren Barry; Keith Richmond; Jane Wolfe; David Shoemaker; Bhikshu (pseudonym)on Yoga; Beresford Egan, illustrator; Peggy Wetton, mistress and student, 1938; George MacNie Cowie, 1916; Grahame Bond, musician; Steve Bradshaw, author of Cafe Society; Martin Stoddard, author of Art, Messianism and Crime; Jean Michaud aka "M" of the Order of the Hidden Masters; Peter Haining; Lee Heflin of Level Press in the 70s; R. P. Lester; Keith Rhys; Angeles Arrien; P. R. Stephensen aka Inky Stephensen of Mandrake Press; Michael Roe; R. L. Hall; C. B. Christesen; Robin D. Matthews ; Joseph Dean; Leslie Frewin; Serge Hutin; Przoval and the 'adepts of the Khabs Temple House' (San Francisco), 1981; Arnold Waldstein; Ethel Archer; her husband Eugene Wieland; Frater Pheremone ; Mélusine Draco of the Temple of Khem ; Frater TSH=171 aka T. Allen Greenfield, who may also be Allen H. Greenfield;; Edith Starr Miller aka Lady Queenborough; Prof. Robert Stein; Edward L. Strater; Aelfrida Tillyard; Gerd Ziegler, tarot; Hermann Joseph Metzger of the Swiss Ordo Templi Orientis and Psychosophishe Gesellschaft (aka Psychosophical Company); Peter Carroll; Steve Bailey; Aelfrida Tillyard aka "Soror Sarasvati"; Hugh B. Urban;L. C. R. Duncombe-Jewell; Bertha Busch aka Billie, 1932; Pearl Brooksmith, 1934;Mabel Maugham aka Mabel Frances Hardy aka Mabel Maugham Beldy; Karl Nierendorf, artist; Keith Readdy, 2014; Barry Leon Bender; W. Dawson Sadler; Przovaln, author of Liber Vel Oviz 93; Thomas Windram, South African OTO; Chris Bennett, CaNADIAN OCCULTISTS, author of Liber 420, 2018; Helen Laurens,spirit medium; Andrew Collins;

Friends: Lawrence Sutin, Herbert Charles Pollitt, Elaine Simpson; Oscar Eckenstein; Rose Edith Kelly;W. Somerset Maugham ; Ada Leverson; Oscar Wilde, although Uncle AL accused him of plagiarism ; Frank Harris; Maria de Miramar; Ian Fleming; Daphne Harris; John Symonds ; George Frederick Sims, bookseller; Louis Wilkinson AKA Louis Marlow; John Cowper Powys; George Frederick Sims, bookseller; Warwick Deeping; Edward-Philip Denny of Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343; Brother Albert W. Ryerson 32° of Detroit; Allen Burnett-Rae, 1934; Eileen J. Garrett; Aubrey Beardsley; Christopher Isherwood; Reggie Gormand; Arnold Bennett (1896-1914); St.John Terrapin of the Cafe Royale; Peryt Shou; Ulrich Fleischauer ; Hamilton Beamish; William B. Seabrook; Gerald Yorke; Archibald Cockren, alchemist/ chemist; Dr. Lloyd Hart, personal physician, 1945; Forsyte, Kerman and Philips, his lawyers,1942; Ian Coster, of the "Daily Mail" newspaper; James Harvey; L. C. R. Duncombe-Jewell aka Louis Charles Richard Duncombe-Jewell of the Cornish Celtic Society; Colonel J. F. C. Carter, Scotland Yard's Special Branch; Edward Titus, Paris; Harold Monro; Marie Harlowe; Edward C. Hegeler; father in law of Paul Carus, publisher; Robert Barr; Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst; D. H. S. Nicholson aka Daniel Howard Sinclair Nicholson; A. H. E. Lee aka Arthur Hugh Evelyn Lee; book collector Montgomery Evans;

Enemies: poet W.B. Yeats; A.E. Waite; Guy Knowles, H. Pfannl, V. Wesseley, and Dr Jules Jacot-Guillarmod, Gerald Kelly; Charles Adolphe Reymond; Alexis Pache; Alcesti C. Rigo de Righi; Ananda Coomaraswamy, Nina Shumway AKA Sister Cypris, Nina Hamnett; Dion Fortune; Daniel P. Mannix; Louis Golding; David Gurney; W. Somerset Maugham; Mrs. EA Dorthea Hunter AKA Soror Dea Data of the Golden Dawn; Bro. W J. Songhurst GLE; Henry Meyer, Sovereign Grand Master General of the Antient and Primitive Rite after John Yarker; Sir Edward Letchworth, Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England; William Ramsey; Elizabeth Sharpe, author of The India that is India, 1934; Christian Bérnard of AMORC; Mathilde Ludendorff of the Völkisch movement; Jean Paar AKA S. Ipares; F. S. Smythe, mountain-climber; John B. Jameson, friend of mistress Peggy Wetton; H. A. Bright, Tailor of Sackville Street, 1942; H. Spencer Lewis of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC); Jean Overton Fuller; C. R. Cammell aka Charles Richard Cammell;

Organizations: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Freemason; Abbey of Thelema; Trinity College, Cambridge; A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star); OTO AKA Ordo Templi Orientis; Boleskine House, Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth; Mysteria Mystica Maxima of the OTO in Britain; The Lamp of Invisible Light; irregular Freemasonry, as he was made 33° in Mexico City by an offshoot of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry not recognized in England or America, then 1904 joined Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343, a (GLdF)French Lodge also not recognized, then John Yarker gave him the 33° of the irregular 'Cerneau' Scottish Rite to reinforce his Mexican 33rd degree; and gave him the 95° of the Rite of Memphis and the 90° of the Rite of Misraim, those irregular rites highest degrees. These degrees were combined together as the Masonic Rite of Memphis and Misraim ;Still not done, Yarker gave him special power to revive the dormant Mount Sinai and Rose of Sharon London chapters of the Antient and Primitive Rite of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, but was opposed by the Co-Masonic Theosophists who also held a charter, in the adepts Mrs. Annie Besant, James Ingall Wedgwood and Richard Higham; "Ritus Philosophicus Italicus" exchange of rituals and credentials, 1913; inspired O.T.A. for Ordo Templi Astarte, O.T.B. for Ordo Templi Baphe-metis, Society Ordo Templi Orientis and more;

Author: The Equinox; Book of the Law aka The Book of the Law [Technically Called Liber AL vel Legis Sub Figura CCXX As Delivered by XCIII = 418 to DCLXVI; The Law Is For All- The Authorized Popular Commentary of Liber Al Vel Legis Sub Figura CCXX, the Book of the Law aka The Law is for All - An Extenuation of the "The Book of the Law" ; Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, 1974 ; Book of Lies, Moonchild, The Book of Thoth and Thoth Tarot deck (art by Frieda Harris); Magick in Theory and Practice, part of Book Four; Liber Aleph - The Book of Wisdom and Folly aka Liber Aleph The Book of Wisdom or Folly in the Form of an Epistle of 666 The Great Wild Beast to his Son 777 being the Equinox Volume III No. VI; Diary of a Drug Fiend; Magick Without Tears aka Uncle Aleister Explains Everything; poetry, like The Winged Beetle; ghost wrote The General Principles of Astrology aka Liber Liber DXXXVI for Evangeline Adams, also Astrology: Your Place in the Sun, 1928 and Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars With One Hundred Horoscopes of Famous People, 1930 ; Eight Lectures on Yoga aka Yoga for Yahoos; 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley: Including Gematria & Sepher Sephiroth ; The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King: Lemegeton - Clavicula Salomonis Regis; The Confessions of Aleister Crowley: An Autohagiography; Simon Iff Stories and Other Works (discovered in the Yale Beinecke Library); The Stratagem and Other Stories, also discovered in Tulane Rare Book library and the, with the pages uncut!; White Stains; The Vision and the Voice - LIBER XXX AERVM VEL SAECVLI SVB FIGURA - Being of the Angels of the 30 Aethyrs aka Vision & Voice: Aleister Crowley's Enochian Visions, 1952 /rptd 1980; Konx Om Pax; I Ching; Tao Te Ching aka The Tao Teh King - Liber CLVII; Little Essays Toward Truth; Tarot Divination (article, originally); Gilles De Rais: The Banned Lecture, 1930 / rptd 1985 ; The World's Tragedy, 1910 /rptd 1991 ; The Heart of the Master; Absinthe - The Green Goddess ; (secret teachings) De Arte Magica aka Liber CDXIV, 1914 ; Golden Twigs (his homage to James Frazer's Golden Bough); Crowley on Christ ; The Magical Record of the Beast 666- The Diaries of Aleister Crowley 1914-1920, and several other volumes of his Magical Record / Diary have been published, others circulated in xerox form for years (Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowley; Jack the Ripper, essay; The Man That Put the O.K. in Book AKA "A Prophet in His Own Country being the Letters of Stuart X,"; A Spring Snowstorm in Wastdale, poem; "The Stolen Post-Office." An unpublished film scenario from the 1920s; three essays: "Percy Byshe Shelley"/ "The Jewish Problem Re-stated" & "The Drug Panic" in The English Review, July 1922; The Tale of Archais - A Romance in Verse, 1898; Oracles: The Biography of an Art (1905) ; The City of God, 1943; The Fun of the Fair, 1942; Liber LXXVII aka Liber Oz aka "Book 77", 1941; Amrita. Essays in Magical Rejuvenation, edited and annotated by Martin Starr, 1990 ; Art in America article, 1913; The Complete Astrological Writings, edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, 1976; "How to tell an Englishman from an American" in Lilliput magazine, 1946; Energized Enthusiasm essay, 1913 /rptd 1979; An Essay Upon Number, 1911 / rptd 1988; A Handbook of Geomancy, 1910 / rptd 1989; Liber E and Liber O. Vel Exercitiorium Sub Figura IX. Vel Manus Et Sagittae Sub Figura VI, both 1909/ rptd 1979; The Rites of Eleusis; The Sword of Song - Called by Christians The Book of the Beast, 1904, which was my companion in the Mayan jungles of Central America for two Summers in the 70s; "Book of Oaths", still unpublished except for a few poems; "The Drug", 1st short story sold to The Idler (1909); Avenger to the Theosophical Society; World Teacher to the Theosophical Society; To Man; Your Interest in Magick, 1934; Madame Tussaud-Besant...; Songs for Italy No.1 Tyrol; Rites of Eleusis (advertising leaflet); England, Stand Fast, 1941, propaganda; Hymn to Pan, magick; New Year 1903; La Gauloise, poem; and the Creed of the Thelemites; Jephthah, and Other Mysteries Lyrical and Dramatic, 1899; On Magick, An Introduction to the High Art. Collected Essays, 1974, containing "The Message of Master Therion," "The Law of Liberty," "The Revival of Magick," and "Three Schools of Magick" ; Rosa Coeli, Rosa Mundi, Rose Inferni, poem; Translated & Edited Charles Baudelaire - Little Poems In Prose; poems published in The Granta, Vol. XI., nos. 217 - 239. October, 1897 - June, 1898, "Ballade of the Mutability of Human Affairs" and "Ballade of Bad Verses", both from his schooldays; The Drug, short story, in "The Idler. An Illustrated Monthly Review," Vol. 34, October 1908 to March 1909; "The New Parsifal, A Study of Wilhelm II" essay in The Open Court. A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion, the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea. Vol. XXIX Nos. I -12; "The Dangers of Mysticism" essay in The Occult Digest Vol. 16 No 4; : "Face" in Pearson's Magazine, September 1920; "Near Poetry, George Santayana" in Pearson's Magazine, October 1917; "Villon's Apology (aka on Reading Tennyson's Essay)" to The Poetry Review. Vol. I, No. XII. December 1912; "The High History of Good Sir Palamedes" ; "The Eruption of Aetna", poem,, in Germinal, Illustrated Monthly, Volume 1. No. 2.[1924]; Worlds Tragedy; poems - "In Neville's Court, Trinity College Cambridge" ; "On Garrett Hostel Bridge"; “The Goad” ; “The Rosicrucian”; “Song” ; “In Memoriam A.J.B.” ; “The Challenge” ; “Two Hymns on The Feast of the Nativity” ; “The Palace of the World” ; “Perdurabo” ; Temperance. A Tract for the Times, 1939 ; "An Open Letter to Aleister Crowley"; The Banned Lecture (1930); Why Jesus Wept (1904); Gargoyles; Le Livre De La Loi; Mortadello, unpublished play;

Resources:;; read him here - ; ;;; ; ; if your eyes are old (like mine), you may want to listen to some of his WORK at ; ; his work - ; ; ; ; highly recommend The Sacred Sleep of Shiloam - Sexual Gnosis in Paschal Beverly Randolph and Aleister Crowley by Keith Readdy, U. of Amsterdam, 2014; ; Liber 420 by Chris Bennett, 2018;