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Alexander Sanders AKA Alex Sanders AKA Orrell Alexander Carter AKA self proclaimed "King of the Witches" AKA Paul Dallas;

England 1926 – 1988

Comments: Alexandrian Wicca; ceremonial magick; Freemason; ; he and Maxine appear in The Power of the Witch documentary, 1971, see;

Teachers: his grandmother and supposed initiator when he was 7 yeasr old, Mary Bibby (but he was really initiated by Patricia Crowther and Arnold's student Pat Kopanski after they rejected him in 1961) ; Gerald Gardner;

Students: Maxine Sanders AKA Maxine Morris AKA Arline Maxine Morris, wife; her next partner, David Goddard ; June Johns, biographer; Stewart Farrar; Janet Farrar AKA Janet Owen; Gavin Bone; Derek Taylor; Jimahl diFiosa; Herman Slater; Lady Sheba AKA Jessie Wicker Bell; Carl Llewellyn Weschcke; Sekhet Sophia; Seldiy Bate; Nigel Bate; Sally Taylor; Richard Deutch:

Friends: Catherine Olsen, friendly newspaper writer;

Enemies: Eleanor Bone; Patricia Crowther; Ronald Hutton; Doreen Stretton, 1st wife; Jill Sanders, 3rd wife;

Organizations: Alexandrian Wicca, Spiritualist Church; Gardnerian Wicca; the Ordine Della Luna (aka the Order of the Romaic Crescent); Knights Templars; the Order of Saint Michael; the Order of Saint George; Order of Deucalion;

Author: The Alex Sanders Lectures

Resources: ; read Richard Deutch's The Ecstatic Mother: Portrait of Maxine Sanders - White Queen (1977);