Algernon Blackwood

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Algernon Blackwood

England 1869 – 1951

Comments: Horror writer, Pagan; Rosicrucian;

Teachers: Edgar Allan Poe;

Students: H. P. Lovecraft; William Hope Hodgson; Austin Osman Spare; influenced Henry Miller, author;

Friends: Arthur Machen;

Organizations: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; The Ghost Club;

Author: The Centaur (1911); A Prisoner in Fairyland (1913); The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories (1906); The Listener and Other Stories (1907); John Silence (1908); Ancient Sorceries and Other Tales (1927); "The Regeneration of Lord Ernie" (1914) ; "The Damned" (1914); "The Wendigo" (1910) ; "Ancient Sorceries" (1908) ; The Human Chord; PLAYS Karma a reincarnation; White Magic (1921), coauthored with Bertram Forsyth; The Garden of Survival; (Dr.) John Silence: Five Stories, collection, including "A Psychical Invastion", "Ancient Sorceries", "The Nemesis of Fire", "Secret Worship", and "The Camp of the Dog"; The Bright Messenger;

Resources:;; ; Listen to him in the dark - ; ;