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Alice Bailey AKA Alice Ann Bailey AKA ABB AKA Alice LaTrobe Bateman

England / America 1880 – 1949

Comments; Esoteric Christianity; Theosophy; trance writing; Seven Rays teachings; Astrology; mantra "From the point of Light within the Mind of God, let light stream forth into the minds of men."; sort of racists and anti-Semitic in the way Aristocratic Englishmen were at the time; "New Age" before it was fashionable in the 60s; spoke about the Great White Brotherhood and the "Black Brothers" ie, those she disapproved of;

Teachers: Madame Blavatsky; DjwhalKhul aka "D.K." AKA "the Tibetan" AKA Djwal Khul; "Jesus" "Master Koot Hoomi"; Charles Leadbeater; "Comte de Saint-Germain" AKA Master Rakoczi; Rudolf Steiner; George Alexander Sullivan; Abu Yusaf Ya'qub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi, author of the theory of RAYS from the stars acting on Earth at a distance; Edgar Cayce;

Students: Robert S. Ellwood; Josephine Maria Davies Ransom; Geoffrey Hodson; Peter Caddy of FINDHORN; Rosemary Keller; Olga Froebe-Kapteyn; Roberto Assagioli; Caroll Poke Runyon, publisher of The Seventh Ray; Benjamin Creme; Psychics - JZ Knight aka Judith Zebra Knight (who channels Ramtha), William S. Sadler, MD (and his wife Lena Sadler) of Urantia; Helen Schucman and William Thetford, of A Course in Miracles; Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations With God; Levi Dowling of the The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, 1908; , Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Ascended Masters") and (Church Universal and Triumphant), Violet Starre, Moriah Marston; Todd Rundgren , musician; Van Morrison, musician; Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov; Dorothy M. Murdock aka Acharya S; Max Müller; Jean-Baptiste Pérès;

Friends: Walter Evans, husband; Foster Bailey, 2nd husband and Freemason; Mary Bailey, his wife after Alice's death; Olav Hammer;

Enemies: Annie Besant; Guy Ballard of I AM movement;

Organizations: Theosophical Society, 1917; Arcane School; Full Moon Meditation Groups; "World Goodwill" ; the Lucis Trust;

Author: editor, The Messenger; publisher, The Beacon, 1922; Initiation Human and Solar; A Treatise on Cosmic Fire; Discipleship in the New Age; Ponder On This, 1971; Letters on Occult Meditation; Treatise on White Magic; Problems of Humanity; Reappearance of the Christ; Destiny of Nations; Glamour: A World Problem; Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle; Education in the New Age; The Externalization of Hierarchy; A Treatise on the Seven Rays; Consciousness of the Atom; The Soul and it's Mechanism; From Intellect to Intuition; From Bethlehem to Calvary; The Light of the Soul (paraphrasing of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali; The Unfinished Autobiography;

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