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Alvin Langdon Coburn aka L. A. Bosman aka "Maby-y-Trioedd" (Son of the Triads) aka "Deus Portarum Lucis"

America 1882 – 1966

Comments: Freemason; Qabalist; Rosicrucian; Photographer famous for his American pictorialism and then his surrealist and abstract style later in life; the Vorticism modernist movement in Britain; Druid;

Teachers: A.E. Waite; George Davison, the rare Socialist Millionaire; F. Holland Day, cousin and photographer; Frederick H. Evans, photographer; Edward Steichen ; Robert Demachy; Gertrude Kasebier; Arthur Wesley Dow ; J. Craig Annan; Robert Louis Stevenson; Wyndham Lewis; Roger Fry;

Students: Louisa Augusta Adams aka Soror Dulce Domum; Mike Weaver; Nicole Peter; Valentina Branchini ; Jordan Bear ; Stuart Piggott, author of The Druids; James Bonwick, author of Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions; Peter Berresford Ellis, author of The Druids; Miranda J. Green, author of The World of the Druids; Anne Ross, & Don Robins, authors of The Life and Death of a Druid Prince: The Story of an Archaeological Sensation; I. M. Stead; J. B. Bourke; Don Brothwell, authors of Lindow Man: The Body in the Bog;

Friends: Alfred Stieglitz; G.K. Chesterton; George Meredith; H. G. Wells; Leon Dabo; Henry James; George Bernard Shaw; W.B. Yeats; George Moore; Edith Wightman Clement , wife; Henri Matisse; Auguste Rodin; Mark Twain; President Theodore Roosevelt; Arnold Bennett; Ezra Pound; Thomas Hardy; Frank Harris; Joseph Conrad; Israel Zangwill ; Edmund Dulac;


Organizations: the Universal Order aka the Order of Ancient Wisdom aka the Hermetic Truth Society ; Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, an A.E. Waite splinter of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Freemasonry, at least a Royal Arch Mason; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, SRIA; Camera Club of New York; Linked Ring Brotherhood ; honorary Ovate of the Welsh Gorsedd, aka Council of Druids; Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society;

Author: The Mysteries Of The Qabalah - Esoteric Studies, First Series, 1913 ? ; More Men of Mark; contributed to Shrine of Wisdom magazine; photography - The Temple of Ohm, Grand Canyon of 1911; The Octopus, 1912;

NOTE: there was another L. A. Bosman, Leonard Bosman, 1879 - @ 1940, Freemason, Qabalist and author of The Mysteries Of The Qabalah, Esoteric Studies,1910...seems to be a separate person.

Resources:;; see some of his portraits here - ; still looking for his written work on-line, especially is QBLH speculation as a Qabalist; ;