Andrew Hammer

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Andrew Hammer

America @ 1970 - present

Comments: Freemason, Worshipful Master of an exemplar Lodge in VA experimenting with a return to strict memorization excellence, training, and letting those who joined more for Fellowship or Charity work go elsewhere to revitalize Freemasonry; Has a Virginia Gold Card, indicating proficiency in every aspect of that State's ritual;

Teachers: James Anderson


Fellow Researchers:Kirk White; Christopher Hodapp;Mark Stavish; John Michael Greer; Christopher Knight; Stephen Dafoe; Tim Hogan; S. Brent Morris; Laurence Gardner; Cliff Porter; Tobias Churton;Robert Lomas; James Wasserman; Lon Milo DuQuette;The Knights of the North; WB Chuck Furnace; WB Justin D****;

Organizations: Freemasonry; Royal Arch Mason; 32 degree Scottish Rite; Allied Masonic Degrees;

Author: Observing the Craft - The Pursuit of Excellence in Masonic Labour and Observance, 2010

Resources: ; James Royal Chase lecture at the Masonic Lodge of Research, in CT 2012, 2013 ;;