Andrew Jackson Davis

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Andrew Jackson Davis AKA the Poughkeepsie Seer

America 1826 – 1910

Comments: Animal Magnetism; Spiritualism; VERY interesting, but you have to look beyond the antiquated language to the concepts beneath;

Teachers: Franz Mesmer; The Shakers; Emanuel Swedenborg; Mother Ann Lee; General Ethan Allen Hitchcock; Prof. Grimes of Castletown Medical College; Mr. Livingston; Charles Fourier;

Students: The Fox Sisters; Edgar Cayce; Edgar Allan Poe; William Fishbough; Thomas Lake Harris, 1847;




Author: The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations, and a Voice to Mankind,1847; The Magic Staff: an Autobiography (1857); Views of Our Heavenly Home (1878); Penetralia; Being Harmonial Answers To Important Questions, The; Answers To Ever Recurring Questions From The People: A Sequel To The Penetralia; Arabula: The Divine Guest; Death And The After Life; Diakka, And Their Earthly Victims; Events In The Life Of A Seer; Fountain With Jets Of New Meaning; Great Harmonia, Vol 1: The Physician, Great Harmonia, Vol. 2, The Teacher,Great Harmonia, Vol. 3, The Seer; Great Harmonia, Vol. 4, The Reformer; Great Harmonia, Vol. 5, The Thinker; Harbinger Of Health; Harmonial Philosophy; Magic Staff: An Autobiography Of Andrew Jackson Davis; Memoranda Of Persons, Places, and Events; Philosophy Of Death; Present Age And Inner Life: A Sequel To Spiritual Intercourse; Principles Of Nature, Her Divine Revelations, (and) A Voice To Mankind vol. 1 & vol 2;Steller Key To This Summerland; The Temple: Concerning Diseases Of The Brain And Nerves; Views Of Our Heavenly Home