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a class of God's individualized BEING, separated off for a specific purpose. Both closer to GOD in that it immediately knows, understands and will act on GOD's plan, but will also have the ability to perceive and reflect on and enjoy GOD's creation and blessings.

They are less than Humans, in that lacking Free Will, their obedience to GOD is no challenge to them. Humans are superior to Angels in that they may CHOOSE to succeed or fail in seeking, knowing, understanding acting upon and appreciating GOD's plan.

Several "messengers" (the actual word for Angels in Hebrew is the same, really) get individual NAMEs, not in the Bible itself, but in the Talmud, Apocrypha books and folklore. Some Qabalists specialized in the hierarchy of Angels, and Magicians were interested for similar reasons. Mani's revelation comes only after he units with his "Spirit Twin/ Complement", and the dislocation of creating an Astral Body and Astral Travel is useful in "Knowing Thyself'.

Does each of us have an individualized part of GOD which watches over us, a Holy Guardian Angel? is one manual for discovering the answer yourself, as is Book of Abramelin by Abraham Von Worms , used by MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley and many others. Perhaps Nicolas Flamel, but that seems to be a different Abraham the Jew, Rabbi "Abraham Eleazar" , author of Age-Old Chymical Work aka Uralter Chymisches Werck, 1735 maybe 100 years later than Abramelin was published, and theoretically 400 years before it was written. and with more practical, alchemical instructions rather than Number Squares, letter manipulation, etc.

Or, is there no one who cares when a sparrow falls? How significant, or insignificant is our life? Can we affect the World around us, will our contributions (or mistakes) be remembered after we are gone? These are some of the esoteric questions which have fueled our inquiry for centuries.

Since this answer is unknowable in our lifetime, the truth is subjective, and we all decide every day whether we are significant, whether our actions have consequences, and whether our overall lives will have meaning, or simply be the conversion of air to CO2 and food to shit. HOW we decide to answer this question has great implications for our ability to marshal our Will, integrate our emotions, make plans for the future, follow through with action, reassess our results and modify our actions towards greater success, happiness and survival. The wrong choice, often brought on by outward stresses or inner conflict, leads to depression, failure, darkness and the death of the Spiritual aspect of the Soul.

To approach your Angel, you must first become "yourself made perfect", to be worthy of such knowledge and active conversation with your Bridge to GOD. This process not only has intrinsic value, but improvement leads to increased confidence, taking on increased challenges, and growing satisfaction. Active concentration chases away depression, and when alternated with activity (30 -45 minutes of walking or weights) leads to oxygenated blood, heart, brain and better mental abilities. As we chart our improvement, each effort is offered in "sacrifice" to our Holy Guardian Angel, and each success taken as HER /HIS / THEIR blessing.

Resources: ;, Mani's interpretation of the Book of Enoch's Nephilim aka Gibbōrīm aka Giants aka Angels, with details from Liber de Ogia nomine gigante;