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Ann White AKA Sorer Veritus and Nelson White AKA Frater Zarathustra

both America him - 1938 - 2003, her of a certain age - present, I believe

Comments: Thelemites; Cermonial Magick; pretty anti-government in their politics;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley;




Organizations: Ordo Templi Astarte (OTA); the Temple of Truth, 1973; The White Light magazine; "The Technology Group";

Author: Secret Magick Revealed, 1979; The Wizard's Apprentice, 1982; Working High Magick, 1982; The Best of The White Light: Vol.I The Early Years (Vol. 1-4) & The Middle Years (Vol. 5-9) (two volumes), 1981 & 1988; Lemegeton; Clavicula Salomonis: or The Complete Lesser Key Of Solomon The King - The Five Books: The Goetia; The Theurgia Goetia; The Pauline Art; The Almadel of Solomon; The Artem Novem (The Notary Art). Exact photocopy of the 17th. Century Manuscript ; all by both; by Frater Zarathustra alone - A Brief History of Western Magick; The Modern Magickal Lodge; The Grimoire of Raphael, Illustrated and Indexed; An Introduction to Magick. Ritual Magick Series # 1;

Resources:; Collected_Rituals_from_the_T_O_T_and_Oth.html?id=Y2LKAAAACAAJ; private copies of The White Light magazine;