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Antoine Joseph Pernety AKA Dom Pernety

France 1716 – 1796

Comments: Mythology; Hermetic philosophy; Illuminism; "chrysopheia" or the Universal Medicine, the Stone of the Wise; Alchemy;learned native medicine in the Falkland Islands off South America; created the Rite Hermetique consisting of the 3 Blue Lodge degrees, and first 6, then 7 addition degrees. The 4th was The Knight of the Golden Key with Alchemical symbolism, and the 7th was the Knight of the Sun, later adapted for the 27th and 28th degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; evolved into the Rite Ecossais philosophique (the Rite of the Scottish Philosophers), 1776, which developed the 8th True Mason, or Academie des Vrais Maçons degree. Incorporated Hermes Trismegistus's philosophy on Alchemy into Freemasonry; In this he seems influenced by the Elus Cohens of Freemasonry and then he influenced the Martinists; Creator of Masonic Rites;

Teachers: Pythagoras; Hermes Trismegistus; Michael Maier; Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Raymond Lull; the Arab Sage Gerber; Basilius Valentinus; Nicolas Flamel; Thomas Vaughan AKA Eugenius Philalethes ; George Starkey AKA Eirenaeus Philalethes; Emanuel Swedenborg; the Spirit Guide Assadai; Johann Daniel Muller (1716-1786) AKA "Holy Word"; Polish Count Tadeusz Grabianka; Bernard of Trevisan, author of Traicté de la nature de l'oeuf des philosophes & Trevisanvs De chymico miracvlo : quod lapidem philosophia appellant  ; Jean D'Espagnet aka "the hermetic magistrate" aka “Penes nos unda Tagi;” aka the motto, “Spes mea in Agno est”, author of The Hermetic Arcanum, "The Summary of Physics Restored" aka "Enchyridion Physicae Restitutae", 1650 & "Secret Work of Hermetic Philosophy" aka "Arcanum Hermeticae Pilosophiae Opus" aka the Hermetic Arcanum " aka "Arcanum Hermeticae Pilosophiae Opus" aka the Hermetic Arcanum & A Subtle Allegory Concerning the Secrets of Alchemy, Very Useful to Possess and Pleasant to Read; Comte de Saint-Germain; Johann Daniel Müller aka “Elias Artista, Rosicrucian; Dr. Johann Isaac Hollandus;

Students: J.M. Ragon aka Jean Marie Ragon; Claude Antoine Thory ; Todd Pratum; Edouard Blitz; Tadeusz Leszczyc-Grabianka aka Thaddeus Leszczyc-Grabianka aka “King of the New Israel”, 1740-1807; Louis Joseph Bernard Philibert Guyton de Morveau aka Brumore, 1738–1786;

Friends: Hans Heinrich von Ecker und von Eckihoffem; Frederick the Great of Prussia; Louis Antoine de Bougainville, explorer; Dieudonné Thiebault;

Enemies: Cornelius de Pauw; Jan Snoek;

Organizations: Catholic Church; Benedictine; after he left the order, Freemason, Lodge La Royal York de l'Amitie of Berlin; Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; The Illumines d'Avignon, 1760; Abbe Hermetic Rite of Freemasonry at Avignon, 1766 & of the Academy of the Illuminated Philosophers, 1786 ; Academy of True Masons 1778. Consisted of these degrees: 1. The True Mason, 2. The True Mason in the Right Way, 3. Knight of the Golden Key, 4. Knight of Iris, 5. Knight of the Argonauts, 6. Knight of the Golden Fleece. Concerned with Alchemy, it later became the Russo-Swedish Academy;

Author: Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary, 1758; Egyptian and Greek Fables Unveiled and Reduced to the Same Principle aka aka Les Fables Egyptiennes et Greques , 1758; The Marvels of Heaven and Hell and the Planetary and Astral territories, 1782; TREATISE ON THE GREAT ART (see -; Mytho-Hermetic Dictonary aka Dictionnaire mytho-hermétique, Dans LeQuel on trouve. Les allegories fabuleuses des poetes, les métaphores, les énigmes et les termes barbares des philosophes hermétiques expliqués. Par Antoine Joseph Pernety (1758, 1787); Dictionnaire portatif de peinture, sculpture et gravure, avec un traité pratique des differentes manieres de peindre, : dont la théorie est développée dans les articles qui en sont susceptibles : ouvrage utile aux artistes, aux eleves & aux amateurs / par D... Antoine-Joseph Pernety ... (1756); Histoire d'un voyage aux isles Malouines, fait en 1763 & 1764 avec des observations sur le Detroit de Magellan, et sur les Patagons / par Dom Pernetty. 2 vols aka The history of a voyage to the Malouine (or Falkland) Islands, made in 1763 and 1764, under the command of M. de Bougainville, in order to form a settlement there: and of two voyages to the Straights of Magellan, with an account of the Patagonians. Tr. from Dom Pernety's Historical journal, written in French... (Paris 1770, London, 1771)  ; Les fables égyptiennes et grecques dévoilées & réduites au même principe, (1786) aka Egyptian and Greek Fables Unveiled and Reduced to the Same Principle; The Marvels of Heaven and Hell and the Planetary and Astral territories, 1782; An Alchemical Treaties on THE GREAT ART;

Resources:; The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians: the world's most mysterious secret society by Tobias Churton, 2009 ; cBdsb&sig=XLGtjxQCf51aStZbPis4ebbBfcI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=4RqlUOPrHYeO2wWXwoGYAQ&ved= 0CDQQ6AEwATgK#v=onepage&q=Rite%20Hermetique&f=false;; ;