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Anton LaVey AKA Anton Szandor LaVey AKA Howard Stanton Levey

America 1930 – 1997

Comments; Satanist as Selfishness; the Carney / Carnival philosophy of Never Give a Sucker an Even Break; Lawful Evil, not Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral; played piano, pipe organ and the calliope; made a living for several years as a photographer for the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD); many of those listed as students were curious reporters looking for scandalous copy and Anton believed Uncle AL's (Aleister Crowley) truism that Every Knock Is A Boost, bad publicity is always good publicity for those he wanted to reach; His philosophy was an extreme form of antinomianism or the ecstatic freedom of breaking long held societal rules.

Comparing Dante's Satan with John Milton's Lucifer, the Catholic Devil to the Protestant, will be developed in a separate essay, along with the initiated version of the Old Testament story of Job, the Wicca theories of Margaret Murray; The transition from Horned God to Evil Power to Nature Freed; The influence on "Bad Boys" of the 17 and 18 th centuries (looking at you, William Blake and Aleister Crowley); Modern interpretations such as the Ann Randian Selfishness of Anton LaVey to dangerous Cthulhuoid invocations culled from the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft.

Teachers: Satan aka the Devil; Luba Kolton AKA Luba Lupscu-Primakoc, Grandmother; Johann Georg Faust; Friedrich Nietzsche; Alisa Rosenbaum aka Ayn Rand; Frank O’Connor, her husband; her disciple Barbara Branden aka Barbara Joan Weidman; her lover, Barbara's husband, Nathaniel Branden; Aleister Crowley; H.L. Mencken; Jack London; P.T. Barnum; H. P. Lovecraft; August Derleth; E. T. A. Hoffmann; Algernon Blackwood; Arthur Machen; Bram Stoker; Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly; Montague Summers; A.E. Waite; Dr. William Wesley, hypnotist; Fritz Lang, filmmaker; Albertus Magnus; MacGregor Mathers; William De Laurence; Godfrey Selig; Henri Gamache; Sir Walter Scott; Rasputin ; Count Cagliostro; Basil Zaharoff; Dr. Francis Israel Regardie; Jack Parsons; Clyde Beatty of the circus; George Bernard Shaw; Harry Houdini; Christopher Marlowe; Johann Wolfgang Goethe; Henri Antoine Jules-Bois; Joris K. Huysmans; Leo Martello; Jules Michelet; Ken Kesey; Madame La Voisia; Francois Rabelais; the Marquis de Sade; Hugh Hefner; Machiavelli; Friedrich Nietzsche; The Black Order of Nazism; Canon Neuhauesler; Dom Alois Mager; Bruno de Jesus-Marie; Dietrich von Kroeller of the German OTO; Adam Weishaupt; H. G. Wells; The Brothers Grimm; Richard Wagner, composer; James Thompson, poet; Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Naturalist; Collin De Plancy; Louis Breton; Simon Blocquel (1780 -1863); Harry B. Wright, author Witness to Witchcraft; Father Bruno de Jesus-Marie; Stan O'Dair; T. K. Oesterreich; Trevor Ravenscroft; Robert Turner; Anatole France; Baron von Hügel", owner of the Spear of Destiny in 1796 , or the Lance of Longinus which killed Christ; Stanisław Przybyszewski, author of Die Synagoge des Satan, 1897 & the revised Synagoga szatana, 1899 ; Friedrich Wilhelm Quintscher aka Rah Omir Quintscher of the ,Orden Mentalistischer Bauherren aka Order of the Mental Architects of 1922 & Adonistic Society & Atescha-Taganosyn, 1883 – 1945 ; Franz Sättler aka Dr. Mussalam aka Brother Mussalam Chakum, founder of the Adonistische Gesellschaft fuer das Deutsche Sprachgebiet" aka "Adonistic Society for the German-Speaking Territories aka the Society the Alliance of Orion, 1884 - 1942; his lover Justine Schnattinger aka "Madame Ariela";

Students: Natasha P., Prof. Ben P****'s daughter; Clark Ashton Smith, SF writer; Jayne Mansfield, actress; Victor Houston, her agent ; Roman Polanski; Sharon Tate; Sammy David Jr, singer; Peter H. Gilmore, successor; Peggy Nadramia, Priestess successor to Blanche; Wade Baskin; Richard Cavendish; Paul Huson; Burton H. Wolfe; Marilyn Monroe, (claimed 1948); Carin de Plessen; Stephen Schneck; Michael Harner, Shaman; Donald Werby; Willy Werby; Roy Heist; Dr. Cecil E. Nixon, built automatons / robots /puppets; Brooks Hunt; Onezoma Dubouchelle; Dr. Hugo Moeller; Russell Wolden Jr; Dennis Wheatley; Herman Slater;"Spanky"; Monique Van Cleef; Bob Carr; Charles Huntley; Peter Papadopolous; Judith Case ; John Raymond; Joe Rosenthal; Camilla-Marie Chatillon; Sorcha; Rosalind; Lani; Lilith; Art Young; Gavin Arthur; Ira Levin, filmaker; Edward D. Olsen; Assaf Dayan; Lance Gilmore; Gabriél Rojas ; Leonard R. N. Ashley; Ronald Bassett; Candice Black; John Cornwell; ; I. G. Edmonds; Julian Franklyn; Fred Gettings; Robert Goldston; Peter Haining, author; Robert D. Hicks; June Johns; Alan Landsburg; Bob Larson; Theodor Laurence; Gavin Baddeley; Brian Vachon; Denis Hart; Judith Rasco; Daniel Logan; Arthur Lyons; Malcolm Keogh; Charles Manson, criminal; Eric Maple; Robert Masello; Brian McConnell; Donald McCormick; Gareth J. Medway; Gerald Messadie; Mare Romano; Christopher Nugent; Jim Oram; John Parker; Carl A. Raschke; Henry T. F. Rhodes; Peter Robson; Nikolas and Zeena Schreck; F. J. Sheed; Brad Steiger; Sherry Hansen-Steiger, his wife, Researchers; J. Tondriau, & Roland Villeneuve; Robert C Tucker; R. G. Jones; William Woods; Gerhard Zacharias; Christine Trollope; Michael W. Ford of Algol; Douglas Mesner aka Lucien Greaves of the New York-based Satanic Temple; Don Webb; J. Finley Hurley; Paul Douglas Valentine of the Church of Satanic Liberation, New Haven CT @ 1985; Peter Gilmore, the New York Church of Satan, 2014; Rev. Louis David Lamonica of the Hosanna Church of Ponchatoula , LA @ 2005; A. E. Koetting, author of Baneful Magick; John DeHaven of the "The Church of Satanic Brotherhood", 1973; Wayne F. West; Bob Tkacz; John L. Steadman, author of HP Lovecraft and the Black Magickal Tradition, 2015; Peter Levenda, author of The Dark Lord – H. P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant and The Typhonian Tradition in Magick, 2013; Michael T. Ford aka Frater Akhtya Seker Arimanius ; Jeremy Crow; Jacob No; Hope Marie of the Greater Church of Lucifer;

Friends: Carole Lansing, 1st wife; Diane Hegarty, 2nd Lady; Blanche Barton, 3rd and last lady; Forrest J. Ackerman, Famous Monsters of Filmland; Fritz Leiber, SF and Fantasy author; Kenneth Anger; Hugo Zachinni, Human Cannonball; Fransisco Lentini; Jacob Heilberger; Tempest Storm; Lily St. Cyr; Herb Caen; Jack Webb, actor; Oklahoma GOP Republican-controlled Legislature, who in deciding to erect a Christian monument on Public land, open the door to a Satanic Monument also to be constructed at the State Capitol; Rep. Mike Ritze of OK; Rep. Bobby Cleveland of OK; Brady Henderson, ACLU Oklahoma;

Enemies: Michael Aquino of the splinter group, the Temple of Set; Jerry Johnston; Geraldo Rivera; Lady Rowen; Sybil Leek; Jean Dixon; Fred Mullins; Tony Rando ;Sam Brody ; Tim Tate;

Organizations; founder of the Church of Satan, 1966; The Magic Circle;

Author: The Satanic Bible, 1969; The Compleat Witch, or, What to do When Virtue Fails (aka the Satanic Witch); The Satanic Rituals ( 1972)' The Devil's Notebook (1992); aw of the Trapezoid, 1976; editor The Cloven Hoof; Satan Speaks!, introduction by Blanche Barton, foreword by Marilyn Manson (posthumous).

Resources:;;; read him here - for free, he would want you to do what you felt was best for you, selfishly, without regret. also; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;