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Art Kleps AKA Arthur Kleps AKA His Highness, the Chief Boo Hoo

America 1928 - 1999

Comments: right to use marijuana and hallucinogens as religious sacraments; Psychedelic drugs, early Psychonaut; Trickster; Comedian; appreciated Native American peyote use;

Teachers: Timothy Leary; Robert Anton Wilson; Terence McKenna; Dennis J. McKenna; Tom Wolfe; Ken Kesey; Paul Krassner; Wavey Gravey; Dr. Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass); Ralph Metzner; Stanislav Grof; William S. Burroughs; James Joyce ;

Students: Sally Kleps, wife; Alice Marcano; Ethan Marcano; Martin Piper; Mary Jo Call; Jack Call; Paul F. Memoli of New Haven, CT; Sahib Kevin Lord Sanford; Bill Haines;

Organizations: The Neo-American Church AKA Original Kleptonian Neo-American Church;

Author: The Boo Hoo Bible: The Neo-American Church Catechism and Handbook, 1971 ; Millbrook: the true story of the early years of the Psychedelic Revolution, 1967-68, 1975; Divine Toad Sweat

Quotes: The Neo-American Ten Commandments

   Do not poop parties.
   Do not accept employment or elective office unless first defeated in battle.
   Marry rich.
   Avoid unpleasant topics in general conversation.
   Behave with exquisite politeness to your social inferiors, but do not acquire their bad habits.
   Be loyal to your followers, and protect them from your relatives.
   Prefer the comic to the tragic mode.
   Do not think about money if you have enough of it.
   Try to put on a good show, rain or shine.
   Develop obsessions you can share with your friends.

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