Art Kunkin

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Art Kunkin AKA Arthur Glick Kunkin

America 1928 -

Comments: Alchemy; Rosicrucian; Tibetan Yoga;

Teachers: Dr. Francis Israel Regardie ; Dr. Albert Riedel AKA Frater Albertus; Manley P. Hall


Friends: Dr. Regardie left his Library to Art; Edwin Dingle AKA "Ding Le Mei"; Steve Allen; Mary Elizabeth Raines, Hans Nintzel;

Organizations: KPFK Pacifica Radio; Socialist Party; Philosophical Research Society; Institute for Mentalphysics

Author /Publisher/ Editor: East L.A. Almanac newspaper; started LA Free Press, 1964; edited Essentia magazine; lectures on "Turning Lead Into Gold With Alchemy," "Stopping the Aging Process,";