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Arthur Machen AKA Arthur Llewelyn Jones

Welsh / England 1863 – 1947

Comments: Golden Dawn; Freemason; mystic; Horror writer; Pagan; Eleusinian Mysteries; Celtic Christianity; the Holy Grail; King Arthur; Alchemy; Qabalist; psychogeography; his fictional story The Bowman was mistaken as an eyewitness account from WWI and reprinted many times as Angels of Mons;

Teachers: A.E. Waite; Edgar Allan Poe; Arthur Conan Doyle; Thomas De Quincey; Robert Louis Stevenson; Lord Dunsany; M. R. James

Students: John Gawsworth; influenced Aleister Crowley; James Branch Cabell; Clark Ashton Smith; Robert E. Howard; Frank Belknap Long; H. P. Lovecraft; Jorge Luis Borges; Alan Moore, comics writer; Kenneth Grant; Evelyn Underhill; Dennis Wheatley; Gabriel García Márquez; Christopher Bamford; William Parker Marsh; Paul Jordan-Smith;

Friends: Amy Hogg, wife; Oscar Wilde; Lord Alfred Douglas; Caradoc Evans; Oliver Stonor; Ernest Benn; Max Beerbohm; T. S. Eliot, poet; George Bernard Shaw, playwright; Walter de la Mare, Algernon Blackwood; John Masefield


Organizations: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; New Bohemians ; the Square Club

Author: "The Great God Pan",1890; poem "Eleusinia"; The Anatomy of Tobacco; translated from French the Heptameron of Marguerite de Navarre, Le Moyen de Parvenir (Fantastic Tales) of Béroalde de Verville; the Memoirs of Casanova; The Three Impostors; The Hill of Dreams; Hieroglyphics, A Fragment of Life; The House of Souls; Dr Stiggins: His Views and Principles; The Secret Glory ; "The Bowmen"; The Great Return (1915) ; novella The Terror (1917); short stories: the story "The White People", and the stories which make up Ornaments in Jade; Eleusinia; Beneath the Barley; worked on A.E. Waite's Strange Houses of Sleep;

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