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Oldest texts found:[edit]

Sir Christopher Heydon , 1561 –1623, author of A Defence of Judiciall Astrologie, 1603, With help from Reverend William Bredon His student Nicholas Fiske

William Lilly , 1602 –1681, author of Christian Astrology, 1647 & Merlinus Anglicus Junior, 1644; friend of: Dr. John Dee ; Edward Kelly,

Elias Ashmole,

Ebenezer Sibly

Simon Forman,

John Booker,

Henry Briggs,

Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England;

Bulstrode Whitelocke,

William Lenthall the speaker,

Sir Philip Stapleton,

John Selden

Nicholas Culpeper

John Heydon aka the Astromagus, 1629 – @ 1667, author of English Physician's Guide & A new method of Rosie Crucian physick : wherein is shewed the cause, and therewith their experienced medicines for the cure of all diseases and the compilation Theomagia, or the temple of wisdom in three parts, spiritual, celestial, and elemental: containing the occult powers of the angels of astromancy in the telesmatical sculpture of the Persians and Ægyptians: the mysterious vertues of the characters of the stars...the knowledge of the Rosie Crucian physick, and the miraculous secrets of nature; (married the widow of Nicholas Culpeper )

Samuel Jeakes of Rye aka Samuel Jeakes the Elder, 1623–1690, author of Logisticelogia, or Arithmetick Surveighed and Reviewed, 4 vols, 1696 ;

Samuel Jeakes Jr. of Rye

Lancelot Coelson, maker of the Elixar Proprietaris, author of The Poor Man’s Physician and Clhyrgion, 1627– @ 1687

Daniel Woodard, author of Vox Uraniae, 1687

Richard Saunders

John Tanner;

Vincent Wing, author of Harmonicon Coeleste;

Simon Foreman, author of The Celebrated Astrologer, from A. D. 1552, to A. D. , 1602;

Dr. Richard Forester , 1546–1616;

Dr. Richard Napier, co-author of Magic, Astrology and Religion;

John Napier,

Rev. Joshua Childrey, 1623–1670;

Thomas Streete aka Thomas Street , 1621–1689, author of Astronomia Carolina, a new theorie of Coelestial Motions;

William Andrews, 1656–1683, author of Astrological Physician of 1656;

John Gadbury;

George Parker;

John Partridge, author of Prodromus

John Pordage?

Joseph Blagrave, author of Introduction to Astrology, 1682;

Richard Edlin aka Richard Edlyn ,1631–1677, author of Observationes Astrologicæ, or An Astrologicall Discourse of the Effects of that notable conjunction of Saturn and Mars that happened October 11, 1658, and other Configurations concomitant. … To which is prefixed a brief Institution for the better understanding the following Discourse, or any other of the like nature; and also added, a most ingenious Discourse of the true Systeme of the World, 2 pts., 8vo, 1659

Henry Coley, author of Clavis Astrologiae Eliminata, William Lilly’s student

Simon Forman, teacher of William Lilly

Friend of Lilly, Dr. Richard Napier @1630

Evans, father of Ellen Evans

Sarah Skelhorn, the Speculatrix to the Doctors of Gray’s Inn lane

John a Windsor

Gilbert Wakering

Sir Thomas Browne, author of Religio Medici, 1643

George Wharton aka Sir George Wharton, 1st Baronet aka George Naworth, 1617 – 1681, friend of Elias Ashmole, author of Mercurius Elencticus , 1647

John Hall aka John Hall of Durham, 1627–1656, friend of Samuel Hartlib , enemy of George Wharton, student of John Amos Comenius & Michael Maier, author of Hierocles upon the Golden Verses of Pythagoras; Teaching a Vertuous and Worthy Life,’ posthumously published, 1657 & Mercurius Britanicus;

John Booker , 1603–1667, enemy of George Wharton, author of the Telescopium Uranium, 1631, friend and teacher of Elias Ashmole

His student John Gadbury, 1627–1704, author of Philastrogus Knavery Epitomized, 1652, student of George Wharton, and John Heydon, Thomas Vaughan

Obadiah Blagrave, publisher @1680

Joseph Blagrave, 1610-1682, author of Astrological Practices of Physick, 1671, friend of Elias Ashmole

John Goad, 1616-1689, of the Merchant Taylors' School in London, author of Astro-Meteorologia: or Aphorisms and Discourses of the Bodies Cœlestial, their Natures and Influences, Discovered from the Variety of the Alterations of the Air, temperate or intemperate, as to Heat or Cold, Frost, Snow, Hail, Fog, Rain, Wind, Storm, Lightnings, Thunder, Blasting, Hurricane, &c. Collected from the Observation … of thirty years,' London, 1686;

Richard Edlin aka Richard Edlyn ,1631–1677, author of Observationes Astrologicæ, William Stukeley's Teacher -

Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc aka Peireskius aka "Prince of the Republic of Letters", 1580-1637, author of Histoire abrégée de Provence

Astrologers - done -[edit]

Claudius Ptolemy; Alhazen; Geber aka Gerber; Porphyry; Abu Ma'shar; Avicenna; Iamblichus; Marsilio Ficino; Valentin Weigel; Edward Maitland ; Anna Kingsford; Simon Studion; Comte de Saint-GermainJohannes Trithemius; Robert Fludd; Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Franz Hartmann; the mysterious William Backhouse; Jakob Bohme; Emanuel Swedenborg; A.E. Waite; Edmund Berridge; Hiram E. Butler; Elisabeth Haich; Levi ben Gershon; Godfrey Selig; Black Herman; John George Hohman; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin; Leonardo da Vinci; Jean Marie Ragon; Johann Georg Faust; Jehudah the Hasid; Lodovico Lazzarelli; Michael Scot;

Sepharial ; Robert T Cross aka 1st Raphael; Etteilla; Oswald Wirth; Grant Lewi; Max Heindel; Alan Leo; C.C. Zain; Evangeline Adams; Jean Overton Fuller; Stephen Skinner; Ellic Howe; Christopher McIntosh; Alice Bailey; Sybil Leek; Phyllis Seckler; Ralph Metzner; Frederic Mellinger; Dr. Carl Jung; Leo Martello; F. Charles Barlet; Rafal T. Prinke; J. H. Brennan writing as "Maria Palmer" ; W. B. Crow; (Indian Astrology) Robert E. Svoboda; Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi; Michael Baigent; Bert; Rayna; Daphna Moore; Olney H. Richmond;