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Rabbi Dr Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk AKA in (Hebrew: חיים שמואל יעקב פאלק‎; AKA the Baal Shem of London aka מ'בעל שד'or ל'בעל שם' or Dr Chiam Falk Aka Doctor Falckon aka Dr. Falcon;

Bavaria /England 1708 – 1782

Comments: Qabalist; Alchemy; Rabbi Magician; saved the Great Synagogue from a fire by writing four Hebrew letters on the pillars of the door; There is a fascinating image of him INITIATING Emanuel Swedenborg into Qabalah, wonderful painting "Rabbi Samuel Jacob Hayyim Falk (the Ba'al Shem of London) instructing Emmanuel Swedenborg (aka Emanuel Swedenborg) in Kabbalistic Visionary Method" by Don Karr for Marsha Keith Schuchard's book WHY MRS. BLAKE CRIED: SWEDENBORG, BLAKE,AND THE SEXUAL BASIS OF SPIRITUAL VISION; Sex magick; sentenced to be burned as a sorcerer in Westphailia in 1742;

Teachers; Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer AKA The Baal Shem Tov; Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto AKA The RaMCHaL; Jacob Frank; Sabbatai Zevi;

Students: Emanuel Swedenborg; Aaron Goldsmid; Rabbi Johann Friedrich Falk;William Blake; Count Cagliostro; Tsvee Hirsch of Kalish; Michal Oren, 2002; M. K. Schuchard aka Marsha Keith Schuchard; : Johann Wilhelm von Archenholz aka J.W. von Archenholz ; Sussman Shesnowzi ; Ḥayyim Azulai; Marchesa de Crona ; Marquis de Toma; Baron Theodor de Neuhoff; Prince Czartoryski, of Podolia; Philippe Egalité; Juliet Goudchaux; Herman Adler; Nesta Helen Webster; Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf; Michael Oron; Mrs. Cecil Roth; Rev. Dr. Isidor Kalisch, 1st translator of Sepher Yitzirah: Chuck Furnace; Hirsch Kalisch; Cosman Lehman; Dr. De la Cour; Theodore von Neuhof aka Theodore I of Corsica aka Theodore De Stein aka Theodor Stephan Freiherr von Neuhoff, creator of the Order of Deliverance, 1694 – 1756; Viscount Killmallock of Ireland; Jean Monnet, of the Opéra-Comique at the Foire Saint-Laurent & author of Mémoires, 1772, 1703–1785; Ludvig Albrecht Jorgen Rantzau, author of Memoirs of Count De Rantzow: Or The Hours From Recreation has Use Of Nobility De L'europe aka Memoires Du Comte De Rantzow, Ou Les Heures De Récréation À L'usage De La Noblesse De L'europe, 1741; Jacob Buzaglo; Joseph La Paz Buzaglo; Marquis de Thome; Count George Louis Albert.Rantzow aka Georg Ludwig Albrecht von Rantzau aka Jørgen Ludvig Albert de Rantzow, author of Mémoires du comte de Rantzow; his father Count Alexander Leopold Antoine de Rantzow; Baron de Donop, author of Extract from a letter of the Baron de Donop to the author(Sir William Bentham ), re the alleged discovery by Philo Biblius of the Ms. translation of the History of the Phoenicians & "Esquisse d'une histoire ... des Isles Brittanniques par le moyen d'une fusion des differents traditions historiques irlandaises", 1839; Comte de Westerloh; The Marquis Damis; Duc de Richelieu; his "famulus" or disciple Zevi Hirsch of Kaliach; Johann Wilhelm von Archenholz, 1743 - 1812, author of England und Italien, who know him as an old man & who despite extreme antisemitism, recorded the Rabbi's great generosity to the poor @ 1760-70;Baroness de Koening; Mr. Rincius; Madam de Malhous;

Friends: Chief Rabbi David Tevele Schiff; Moses David of Podhayce; Jonathan Eibeschutz; Marquise de la Croix; Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans; General Adam Czartorisky of Poland, 1772;

Enemies: Rabbi Jacob Emden; Arthur Barnett, 1961; The Duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg;

Organizations: ran both an alchemical lab and Hermetic study group out of his house at 35 Prescott Street, London;

Author; diary containing records of dreams and the Kabbalistic names of angels published;

Resources:; ; His grave at ; Why Mrs. Blake Cried - William Blake and the Sexual Basis of Spiritual Vision, by Marsha Keith Schuchard, 2006 ; ; ; ;