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Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould

England 1834 - 1924

Comments: antiquarian with an interest in occult, horror, mystery and supernatural subjects; named for Uncle, Arctic explorer Sir Edward Sabine; Ghosts; taught classes with a pet bat on his shoulder;

Teachers: Edgar Allan Poe; E. T. A. Hoffmann;

Students: Clark Ashton Smith; Robert E. Howard; Frank Belknap Long; H. P. Lovecraft; Dennis Wheatley; Algernon Blackwood; Arthur Machen; Arthur Conan Doyle;

Friends: Grace Taylor, wife; Henry Fleetwood Sheppard; Frederick Bussell; grandson William Stuart Baring-Gould, was a noted Sherlock Holmes scholar

Organizations: Cambridge University; Church of England;

Author: "Onward, Christian Soldiers" hymn; Songs and Ballads of the West (1889–91); A Garland of Country Songs (1895); English Folk Songs for Schools (1907); Devil's Punch Bowl (1896); Mehalah and Guavas; the Tinner (1897) a collection of ghost stories; The Book of Ghosts, which may be the same or a different collection; 16-volume The Lives of the Saints; The Book of Were-Wolves being an account of a terrible superstition (1865); Curious Myths of the Middle Ages; Cornish Characters and Strange Events (1909); Devonshire Characters and Strange Events; A BOOK OF FOLK-LORE, 1913; Master Sacristan Eberhart:

Resources:; read him here -, especially A Book of Ghost, The Book of Were-Wolves and Curious Myths of the Middle Ages or here - or here - ; listen to him here - and;