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Basil Valentine AKA AKA Valentinus AKA Basilius Valentinus may have been Johann Thölde

Germany @ 1394? 15th-century ?

Comments: Alchemist; pseudonym, so unclear who the actual writer was. explains V.I.T.R.I.O.L. on the wall of the Freemasons Chamber of Reflection as meaning the Latin “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem,” “Visit the interior of the earth and rectifying (purifying) you will find the hidden stone” Alchemy;

Teachers: the real Valentinus; Sir George Ripley; Artephius AKA Aesculapius; Alphonso, King of Castile; William de Loris ; Jean de Meung; Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Pietro d'Abano AKA Peter d'Apona; Albertus Magnus; St. Thomas Aquinas; Raymond Lull; John Cremer, Abbot of Westminster; Isaacs Hollandus Sr; Isaacs Hollandus, Jr; Nicolas Flamel; Dr. Johann Isaac Hollandus;

Students: Fulcanelli; Michael Maier; Lucas Jennis; Theodorus Kerckringius; Paracelsus; Count Bernard of Treviso; Julianus de Campis aka Cornelius Drebbel, alchemist, whose copy "Of Natural and Supernatural Things" was given to John Winthrop the Younger; Rubellus Petrinus, author of The Great Alchemical Work of Eirenaeus Philalethes, Nicolas Flamel and Basil Valentine; Rubellus Petrinus;

Organizations: Benedictine Order; Catholic Church; the Priory of St. Peter at Erfurt;

Author: Triumphal Chariot of Antimony (see; Porta sophica; The Medicine of Metals; Of things natural and supernatural; Of the first tincture, root and spirit of metals; De microcosmo deque magno mundi mysterio, et medicina hominis, (Of the microcosm, of the great secrecy of the world, and the human medicine); Azoth; the 12 Keys, 1599; Fratris Basilii Valentini Chymische Schriften; Les douze clefs de philosophie de frere Basile Valentin; Basilius Valentinus friar of the Order of St. Benedict his last will and testament : Which he himself, being alone, hid under a table of marble behinde the high-altar of the cathedral church, in the imperial city of Erford: leaving it there to be found of him, whom Gods providence should make worthy of it. Wherein he sufficiently declareth the wayes he wrought to obtain the philosophers stone, and taught them also to his fellow collegians, all of them attained also to the having of the philosophers stone: whereby not onely the leprous bodies of the impure, and inferior metals are reduced unto the pure and perfect body of gold and silver, but also all manner of diseases whatsoever are cured in the bodies of unhealthful men, and kept thereby in perfect health unto the prolonging of their lives; Les dovze clefs de philosophie de frere Basile Valentin ... : traictant de la vraye medecine metalique : plus l'Azoth, ou, Le moyen de faire l'or caché des philosophes : traduction francoise, 1660; Of Natural and Supernatural Things Also of the first Tincture, Root, and Spirit of Metals and Minerals, how the same are Conceived, Generated, Brought forth, Changed, and Augmented; Whereunto is added, Frier Roger Bacon, of the Medicine or Tincture of Antimony; Mr. John Isaac Holland (Hollandus), his work of Saturn, and Alex Van Suchten, of the Secrets of Antimony;

Quotes - The Grey Wolf must eat the Lion, which must be devoured by it three times, after first purifying itself and cleansing its eyes with the Wolf's blood, so that they shine brightly. The Wolf is the antimony; the Lion, however, the pure gold. When now the gold has thus been purified, have it beaten thin like paper. Make of it round, rolled-up rolls that can be put into a separator. Pour on it Aquam Regis (King's water) that has previously been conjoined with the sublimated ammonia during distillation and rectification. This water must stand two fingers' high above the gold. Now close the mouth of the retort, so that the spirits do not vanish. Set the glass in warm ashes and dissolve it in the Balneum and gently distill the moisture off it. Then refine it strongly in the sand till the corrosive or sharpness has altogether gone over the head. The gold will be left at the bottom of the vessel like a brown powder or dust ;

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