Black Lotus

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Black Lotus AKA Len R******

America 1951 - 2010

Comments: Jewish New York Pagan Hindu Gay Holy Man; in later life he was crippled in body, penniless yet wealthy in friends and the respect of his peers; Protean Tradition of Wicca; (RIP, Old Friend, we never did get to that challenged wheelchair race);

Teachers:South Indian Holy Woman, Ammachi of Kerala, the Hugging Mother;

Students; Cristina Biaggi; Misha; Lisa B***;

Partner: Alexei Kondratiev;

Friends: Night Rainbow; Judy Harrow; Chuck Furnace; LaFo***a; Ashbow; Cyth***a; Baila***o; Rainbow Darkly; Poseidon; Kirk White; Maureen Reddington-Wilde; Judy Harrow; Rusty AKA Geoff ; Geoff AKA GreenMan; Harper;

Organizations; P**T*** AKA The October Gathering; Mnemosynides Coven;

Author: hundreds of funny Pagan songs, Hindu stories, Legends and proverbs; articles; discussed in both Judy Harrow’s Wicca Covens, and in Cristina Biaggi’s In the Footsteps of The Goddess; understood the misery of material existence and made you laugh at it;