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BoneBlossom AKA Beth Saunders Stanford AKA Ardath Elizabeth Saunders Stanford Bone Blossom

America 1948 - 2011 (RIP, Beth)

Comments: in the early 1980's she emerged as a Pagan missionary from California to Connecticut to teach the Spiral Dance tradition of Wicca. A Weaver and friend of pychonaut Terence McKenna she played a major role in the Occult revival of the 80s in New England. The "Mother" of ObIG (Oroboros Isis Gnosis), who left behind her sons, Silas and Guthrie, her husband Jim Stanford, her lover Douglass Burns, and her grandson Santino.Neopaganism;

Teachers: Starhawk: M. Macha NightMare; Gerald Gardner; Diane Wolkstein;

Students: Chuck Furnace; Cerridwen Fallingstar; Arabella Champaq; Emmett Murray; Ashbow AKA Orlando Mont***o; Rainbow Darkly;

Organizations: Reclaiming Commune; The Holy Terrors; Covenant of the Goddess (COG); Ouroborous coven; Oroborous Isis Gnosis coven; The Retreat Singers;

Author: no books, teacher of Starhawk’s Iron Pentacle, weaver of thread, wool RELATIONSHIPS and webs;