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J.W. Brodie-Innes AKA John William Brodie-Innes AKA Sub Spe AKA Under Hope

Scotland / England 1848 – 1923

Comments: Freemason; Rosicrucian; Golden Dawn Ceremonial Magick;

Teachers: Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Frederick Hockley; Rev. A.F.A. Woodford; William Wynn Westcott; Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; William Robert Woodman; William Alexander Ayton; John Yarker ; Cagliostro; Robert Wentworth Little; Moina Mathers (née Mina Bergson)

Students: Dion Fortune AKA Violet Firth;

Friends: Charles Darwin; P.W. (Percy) Bullock; M.W. Blackden; Dr. Robert Felkin; Isabelle de Steiger; William Peck, Astronomer for Edinburgh, who would succeed Brodie-Innes as Imperator of Amen-Ra temple; Edward Maitland;

Organizations: Freemasonry; Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,joining the Order in 1890, 1st at Amen-Ra Temple in Edinburgh; Stella Matutina; Alpha et Omega;

Author: Scottish Witchcraft Trials, 1881; "MacGregor Mathers - Some Personal Reminiscences", 1918; editor of the Transactions of the Scottish Lodge of the Theosophical Library. Vol. II. No. 12., 1892, 1894, 1896; On the Differences between the Eastern and Western Systems of Philosophy in Regard to the Atonement ; Planetary Chains and Rounds; The Scottish Lodge - A Retrospect and a Prospect; The Astrology of the Golden Dawn ; Master of the Rolls to the Sette of Odd Volumes, 1891;