Charles William King

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Charles William King

England 1818 – 1888

Comments: Gnostic; famous Victorian gem collector; collection donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Gnostic and early Christian historian and archeologist in Italy; Freemason; Mithraic, Serapis, Manes, Mandaites, Sabaeans Naaseni religion basis;

Teachers: Basilides; Valentinus; Paolo Alessandro Maffei; Pausanias ; Pliny the Elder; Quintus Horatius Flaccus ; Aristarchus of Samos; Jean Chiflet; Jacques Matter; Saint Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon; St. Epiphanius of Salamis; Origen ; St. Hippolytus (AKA Philosophumena); Rabbi Dr. Schiller-Szinessy; Simon Magus ; his disciple Cerinthus; Justinus ; Dean Mansel aka Henry Longueville Mansel (1820-1871); Christian D. Ginsburg, (1821-1914); Dr. Roger Walsh; St. Epiphanius of Salamis; St. Hippolytus (AKA Philosophumena); Johann Joachim Bellermann aka J. J. Bellermann, (1754-1842) ; Bernard de Montfaucon; Zoroaster; Dichter Gotthold Ephraim Lessing; Titus Flavius Clemens; Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner; Mr. R. B. Utting; Pythagoras; ; Diogenes Laertius; Rabbi Aristobulus the Peripatician; Plato; Linus; Orpheus; Homer; Hesiod; Robert Wilson Evans (1789–1866); Joshua Watson ; Henry Handley Norris; Cicero; Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus ; Chrysostom; Dante Alighieri; Marcus Aurelius; Bishop Hippolytus of Ostia; Celsus; Petavius; Moritz Gotthilf Schwartze; Dr. Anthony Askew; J. H. Petermann; Georgius Syncellus; Dr. Lawrence, Bishop of Cashel;

Students: Dr. Thomas Inman; Allan B***** AKA King Allanus of Bermania; William Thomas ; Kate Pavitt; Dr. Carl Jung;

Friends: Mr. S. S. Lewis;

Enemies: Zoilus;

Organizations: Freemasonry;

Author: Antique Gems, their Origin, Uses and Value - a complete and exhaustive treatise , 1860 ; The Natural History of Precious Stones and Gems and of the Precious Metals ,1865; Early Christian Numismatics, 1873(coins); The Handbook of Engraved Gems,1885; The Gnostics and their Remains , 1887; translated Plutarch's Moralia, 1882, Horace by Quintus Horatius Flaccus and Emperor Julian (on Julian the Apostate Emperor) ,1888;

Resources: ; read the Index at least to The Gnostics and Their Remains here -