Christian Lodowick

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Christian Lodowick

America (Rhodes island) 1660 – 1728

Comments: philologist; Alchemy; historic Toro synagogue in RI; former Quaker; mystic; physician; musician; mathematician; Freemason; school teacher;

Teachers: Sir George Ripley ; John Rist, poet; Jan Baptist van Helmont; George Starkey AKA Philalethes; John Winthrop the Younger;


Friends: Thomas Tillman; Dr. Samuel Danforth; Charles Morton; Reverend Ezra Stiles, President of Yale; Conrad Beissel of The Ephrata Commune; Julius Sachse; Gabriel Eckerling; Jakob Martin; Ezekiel Sangmeister; George de Benneville founder of Universalism; Robert Boyle; Sir Isaac Newton; Samuel Hartlib; Ben Franklin; William Cooper,publisher; Gosuinus Erkelens; Roger Williams, Gov of RIU;

Enemies: Cotton Mather; George Keith, @1638 – 1716, author of The Christian faith of the people of God called Quakers, vindicated from the calumnies of Christian Lodowick (1691);

Organizations: Freemasonry ;

Author: English-German dictionary and grammar

Resources:; Christian Lodowick of Newport and Leipzig by Jantz, Harold Stein,;