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Christopher Wren AKA Sir Christopher Wren FRS

England 1632 – 1723

Comments; Amazing Architect; Scientist; math ; physics ; plaque in St. Paul's "Reader, if you seek his monument - look around you"; Freemason; head of both the Square Masons and the Arch Masons (who did different work) in The Ancient Operative Masons;

Teachers: Callimachus; John Wilkins; William Gilbert, author of De Magnete, 1600; William Harvey, discoverer of blood circulation in Du Motu Cordis aka On the Motion of the Heart;Sir Marmaduke Wyville ; Robert Boyle; Sir Thomas Gresham; Imhotep, engineer / architect for Pharaoh Djoser; Inigo Jones;

Students: Sir Isaac Newton; Blaise Pascal; Christopher Wren, Jr.; Chuck Furnace; Grand Master Strong, 1675; Dr. Henry Compton; Batty Langley, author of Ancient Masonry, 1732-1736;

Friends: Robert Hooke; Charles II of England; William Holder; Sir Thomas Fairfax; John Aubrey; Laurence Rooke; Sir Robert Moray ; Elias Ashmole; Nicholas Hawksmoor, @ 1661 – 1736;

Enemies: Third Earl of Shaftesbury; William Benson;

Organizations: Freemasonry, Grand Master of Operative Masons, 1685; Grand Master,1708, at the Goose and Gridiron Alehouse in St. Pauls-Church' Yard then Lodge of St. Paul (now Antiquity No. 2); Arch Guild, initiation 1649; Royal Society; Wadham College, University of Oxford; Gresham College, London in 1657; Invisible College, with Sir Robert Moray and Elias Ashmole AKA The Physico-Mathematical Experimental Learning at Gresham College, 1600; Christopher Wren belongs both to Wadham and to All Souls. He was admitted Fellow Commoner of Wadham in 1649, and migrated to All Souls in 1653;

Author /Builder: St. Paul's Cathedral, on Ludgate Hill,1710. It's unique 3 part dome structure was latter used in designing the US Capitol dome; he and Robert Hooke rebuilt London after the Great Fire; Parentalia, or, Memoirs of the family of the Wrens; unpublished Of Architecture- observations on Antique Temples, 1675, based on the model of Solomon's Temple of Rabbi Jacob Jehudah Leon that year;

Quotes: A time will come when men will stretch out their eyes. They should see planets like our earth"; Architecture aims at Eternity;

Resources:; INGENIOUS PURSUITS: Building the Scientific Revolution by Lisa Jardine 1999; ON A GRANDER SCALE: The Outstanding Life of Christopher Wren by Lisa Jardine 2002; COMPASS AND RULE: Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England 1500-1750 by Gerbino & Johnston 2009; Understanding the World's Greatest Structures: Science and Innovation from Antiquity to Modernity lecture series by Stephen Ressler, PhD.; Alexander Slade - The Free Mason Examin'd , 1758;