Clement de Saint-Marq

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Clement de Saint-Marq AKA Chevalier Clément de Saint-Marcq AKA Georges Le Clément de Saint-Marcq

Belgium 1865 – 1956

Comments: Gnostic; Sex magick; Logos Spermatikon ; military officer; Freemason; spiritualist;

Teachers: Richard Payne Knight; Hargrave Jennings; Richard Francis Burton; Godfrey Higgins; James Forlong; Pierre-François Hugues d'Hancarville ; Dr. Thomas Inman;

Students: Jerry Cornelius; Theodor Reuss; Carl Kellner; Aleister Crowley; Henri Birven;


Author: The Knight of Spermatophagy: Penetrating the Mysteries of Georges ; Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica - L’Eucharistie AKA The Eucharist, 1906 ;

Quotes: "during the Last Supper, it is not bread and wine that Jesus Christ gave to the apostles as symbols of his body and of his blood. What Jesus really offered on that occasion, which was to become the model for the central ceremony of Christianity for centuries to come, was his sperm. Since then the practice of spermatophagy (literally, the eating of sperm) has been the central, albeit hidden ritual practice of the Catholic priesthood."

Resources: read him here - ;; SATAN IN BERKELEY post on Facebook by J. Edward Cornelius, 5/15/2013;;;;