Cliff Porter

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Cliff Porter AKA Detective Clifford Porter

America @ 1970 - present

Comments: Freemason; Alchemy; Rosicrucian; Pagan; Gnostic; Worshipful Master of an exemplar Lodge in CO experimenting with a new mix of old and new to revitalize Freemasonry; Police Detective; Psychology; Seems to have an interesting Spiritual side as well; Subconscious Communications in interrogations;

Teachers; James Anderson; John E. Reid; Joseph Buckley both of The Reid Technique; Jason Rowbottom of the PEACE interrogation technique;

Students: WB Larry S. Baker;

Fellow Researchers: Kirk White; Christopher Hodapp;Mark Stavish; John Michael Greer ; Christopher Knight; Stephen Dafoe; Andrew Hammer; The Knights of the North; Chuck Furnace; WB Justin D****; Robert Lomas; Andrew Hammer;Tobias Churton; Tim Hogan; S. Brent Morris; Laurence Gardner;

Organizations; Freemasonry; El Paso County Sheriff's Office ;

Author: The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry: Alchemy, Gnosis and the Science of the Craft; Masonic Baptism: A Postmodern Ritual for an Ancient Craft; 10 Easy Steps to Being a Heretic; A Traditional Observance Lodge : One Mason's Journey to Fulfillment, 2013;

Resources: ;; ;