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W. J. Colville aka William Wilberforce Juvenal Colville

England 1862-1917

Comments: conversion to Spiritualism at a lecture by Cora Tappan, in Brighton, May 24, 1874; Qabalist; Tarot; Will Force;

Teachers: Cora Tappan; William Wynn Westcott‎; Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; Allan Kardec; Harry Houdini; Anna Kingsford; Emanuel Swedenborg; Israel Zangwill, author of The Turkish Messiah, 1898 on Sabbatai Zevi; Herbert Spencer; Sir William Thompson, author of The Unknown (?) God, 1904; Ernest Haeckel; Eliphas Levi; George Rawlinson; E. A. Wallis Budge; Camille Flammarion, author of The Plurality of Inhabited Worlds; Alfred Russel Wallace; Charles Darwin; Isidore Kozminsky, author of Numbers - their meaning and magic; Marie Corelli; A.E. Waite; Laurence Oliphant; Anna Kingsford; Edward Maitland;

Students: RWB Ronald M. Goldwyn (RIP); Edwin Dwight Babbitt ; Charles Blackie Moncrieff ; David Allen ; Nsingo Sakala ;

Organizations: Freemasonry;

Author: The Medium and Daybreak, 1878; Kabbalah: The Harmony of Opposites - a treatise elucidating Bible allegories and the significance of numbers, 1916; Ancient mysteries and modern revelations, 1910; Dashed Against the Rock: A Romance of the Coming Age, 1894; Mystic Light Essays, 1913; Universal Spiritualism: Spirit Communion in All Ages Among All Nations, @1906; Life & Power from Within, 1902; Significance of birthdays, 1911; The Law of Correspondences Applied to Healing: A Course of Seven Practical Lessons, ND; Light and colors with Edwin Dwight Babbitt; The Human Aura and the Significance of Color; Onesimus Templeton: A Psychical Romance ; The Spiritual Science of Health and Healing: Considered in Twelve Lectures ; Old and New Psychology ; Regeneration Versus Degeneration ; The Living Decalogue, from Sinai to Zion ; Magic in Europe in the Middle Ages and Its Connection with the Mysterious Healing and Marvelous Deliverances ; Life and Power from Within ; Berkeley Hall Lectures: Delivered in Berkeley Hall, Boston, Mass ; Universal Theosophy: The Science of Health and Healing ; A History of Theosophy ; Studies in Theosophy; Historical and Practical: A Manual for the People ; Chromo Therapy in Light and Colors as Promoters of Health in All Conditions ; Twenty-Five Years of Psychical Experiences ; The Mystery of the Ages: The Secret Doctrine Contained in All Religions ; The Lost Continent, Atlantis: and the Civilization of the Pre-historic World ; The Throne of Eden: A Psychical Romance; Ancient Mysteries And Modern Revelations ; Glints of Wisdom, Or, Helpful Sayings for Busy Moments: Being Abstract from Lectures with Reflections, Statements, Meditations, and Mottoes ; Bertha: A Romance of Easter-Tide ; Health from Knowledge or The Law of Correspondences Applied to Healing ; CONCENTRATION; Spiritual, Ethical and Historical Discourses, Delivered Under Inspiration ; translated A Gênese - Os Milagres e as Predições segundo o Espiritismo by Allan Kardec; Spiritual Therapeutics;

Resources: Brother Ron's estate;;;;