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Comte de Saint-Germain AKA Count of Saint-Germain AKA "der Wundermann aka Graf Saltikoff aka Marquis de Montferrat aka Comte Bellamarre aka Chevalier Schoening aka Chevalier Weldon aka Graf Tzarogy aka Major Fraser aka Prinz Ragoczy ;Master Rokoczi (who may have been another Magician using his name)(according to Landgraf Carl von Hessen-Kassel he was born to Count Rakoczy II of Transylvania, perhaps with Princess Vilante of Bavaria;

Portugal 1625? 1710? 1st public record is letter from 1735 - 1784 (deliberately vague about his birth and age.) but still reported at the Masonic Paris Convention of 1785, then Russia in 1786, and Paris in 1788 (HOWEVER, remember the Count of this French County would have been filled by another living individual after the last Count died, and his estates inherited)

Comments: Great Magician , medical doctor and chemist; believed in Balance; Alchemy ; lots of Impostors, not to be confused with St. Germain (AKA Master Rakoczi AKA Sir Francis Bacon) very unsupported theory); Freemason; Rosicrucian; Composer; The Seven Rays; This name has been used by other Occultists since his time, so sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is the original author of, for example Practical Astrology; A Simple Method Of Casting Horoscope; Practical Hypnotism, Theories And Experiments (he would have known of it as Mesmerism or Magnetism); Practical Palmistry; Deliberately obscured his biographical data, sometimes claiming to be much older than he appeared, but did die on February 27, 1784. May have been trying to hide an unfortunate bastard birth between a Nobleman father (Prince Francis II Rákóczi of Transylvania) and servant, but it's all speculation; the later Compte may have been Bonnie Prince Charley's cousin, the Marquis Montferrat (see Laurence Gardner's Shadow of Solomon pg. 277); arrested as a Jacobite spy in London in December 1745;

Teachers: Roger Bacon; Francis Bacon; Paracelsus;

Students: Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel; Madame Blavatsky; Annie Besant; Isabel Cooper-Oakley; Manly P. Hall; A.E. Waite; Paul Foster Case; Alice Bailey; Charles Leadbeater; Jean Overton Fuller; Rudolf Steiner; Edgar Cayce; Dr. Raymond Bernard; Peter Krassa; Marie-Raymonde Delorme; Pierre Ceria ; François Ethuin; Guy Ballard of I AM movement; his wife Edna Ballard AKA Lotus Ray King; Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Ascended Masters) and (Church Universal and Triumphant); Samuel Honis of The Rites of Mizraim, whom the Comte initiated in Egypt Freemasonry; Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre aka Marconis the Negro of the Rite of Memphis; Jasmuheen AKA Ellen Greve of Breatharianism; Edward Chalmers Werner; Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge; Alexander von Suchten; Benedictus Figulus; Laurence Gardner; Nicolas Thomas, 1783; Franz Graeffer; Albert Vandam; Duke of Zweibrücken ; Count Adam Lewenhaupt; Sigismond Bacstrom;

Friends: Giacomo Casanova AKA Jacques de Casanova de Seingalt; composer Rameau ; Horace Walpole; Louis XV of France; Catherine the Great, Queen of Russia; Voltaire; Madame la Comtesse d'Adhemar; Frederick the Great ; Marquis de Valbelle; Count von Lamberg; Prince Charles Edward Stuart aka Bonnie Prince Charlie aka The Young Pretender, with whom he presented the Charter of Arras to the Companions of the Chapitre Primordian de Rose-Croix, 1747; Paganini; Tchaikovsky; Countess de Georgy; Madame Pompadour; Major-General Robert Clive aka 1st Baron Clive aka Clive of India; Countess d’Adhéma;

Enemies: Cagliostro; Old Age!

Organizations: Freemasonry; may have been in the Commandery of Carcassonne with Ben Franklin; May have been in Rite of Philalethes, may have been President of the Parliament of the Temple at Bezu in Languedoc; perhaps The Brotherhood of Khe-lan, Tibet; May have been many things, and as there have been many Counts of the area known as Saint-Germain, it is quite likely the tales of several French Nobles have been woven together in his biography; influenced most Hermetic Magick and Theosophy, including the I AM movement from Shasta Mountain, CA;

Author: some of the songs to L'incostanza delusa,many songs , arias and musical compositions; La Très Sainte Trinosophi (The Most Holy Trinosophia); two triangular books in the Manly Palmer Hall (aka Manly P. Hall) Collection of Alchemical Manuscripts at the Getty Research Library which are attributed to Saint Germain;

Resources:;; Isabel Cooper-Oakley's The Count of St. Germain (1912), read it at;,%20%20Comte%20C ; ; The Shadow of Solomon: The Lost Secret of the Freemasons Revealed (2005) by Laurence Gardner; read at ; ;