Count Apponyi

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Count Apponyi AKA Count György Apponyi

Hungary 1846 – 1933

Comments: Rosicrucian; Freemason; Qabalist; Alchemy; may be source of the Golden Dawn Cypher manuscript, given to Mackenzie; unclear if this was Albert Apponyi (1846 – 1933) or more likely his father György Apponyi 1808 – 1899); Traveling Man and Freemason;

Teachers: Comte de Saint-Germain

Students: Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; S.L. MacGregor Mathers; Henry B. Pullen Burry; W.B. Yeats; Frederick Leigh Gardner; Annie Horniman; Dr. Robert Felkin; Allan Bennett; Aleister Crowley; Dr. Israel Regardie;



Organizations: Gold und Rosenkreutz (Golden and Rosy Cross); Order of the Asiatic Brethren;

Author: perhaps the Golden Dawn cypher manuscript