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David James AKA David Byron Bragwin James

America @1950 - 2014

Comments: Pagan; Astru or Germanic Paganism; Runes; Chanting the Runes at morning; was getting his PhD while working on staff at Yale University in the late 70s, early 80's. Met his (ex)wife at Book World, the all night New Haven bookstore and Magick hangout;

Teachers: Charles Thomas; Michael Dunn; Bruce Dickens; Johannes Bureus; Edred Thorsson; Guido von List; Margot Adler; Starhawk;

Students: Cheryl **** AKA Trudy James ; Alice Karlsdóttir;

Friends: Chuck Furnace; Jerry Cornelius; Carol ; Cumhacha; Alice R.; Steve McNallen; Fred and Leigh Griffith; Barbara Cormack; Ruddlwm Gawr; John Leland; Judy Harrow; Garman Lord; D.W. Faulkner; Isaac Moll; Witchwife; Peter Seymour; Ruth Sanderson; Ken Robinson; Liz Orsini; Kerry Triffin ; Bill & Bea An Ness;Dr. Tzipora Katz of Kenny & Tzipora; her 2nd husband Frank Duffy (Dufner?); Ken Klein, of the Blue Star tradition;; Macha Ni Padraiga/RMS; Wickermaven; Oberon Otter Zell-Ravenheart; Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart; John Boardman; E.W. Urstadt; Marion Weinstein; Laura; Alyson; Anna; Philip Bouwsma;

Fellow Researchers: Michael Howard; Samael Aun Weor: Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson of Asatruarfelagid, in Iceland;


Organizations: Oak, Ash and Thorn, an eclectic Germanic Teutonic Pagan organization; The New Haven Pagan Community; Yale University; Schragboden House; Oakrune Circle;

Author: various articles, many on Runes

Resources: personal experiences, Boreas: a wind from the North fanzine publication