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Don Karr aka P-416

America @ 1950 – present

Comments: Occult researcher, author, musician, and painter from Upstate NY area; lectured at the first Convocation of the Magi at Math of the ChRySTAL HUMM 1984; gave musical performances at the first and second Convocations ,1984 and 1985; Wide ranging serious research into various Qabalistic schools, Ancient manuscripts, and his post-Thelemic views on MAAT;

Teachers / “Sources” / “Influences”: Gershom Scholem; Joseph Dan; Elliot R. Wolfson; King Solomon; Moses de Leon, likely author of the Zohar; Abraham Abulafia aka Raziel; Isaac Luria aka The Ari; Israel Sarug; Meir Poppers; Abraham Cohen de Herrera Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; Johann Reuchlin; Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont; Eliphas Levi; Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; A.E. Waite; Aleister Crowley; Frater Achad aka Charles Stansfeld Jones ; Jack Parsons; Israel Regardie; Kenneth Grant; E. M. Butler aka Elizabeth M. Butler; Morton Smith; : Avraham Von Worms aka Abraham von Worms, AKA Abraham of Wurzburg aka Abraham the Jew, author of’’’ Abramelin’’’; Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla; aka Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla  ; Moses Cordovero aka Moses ben Jacob Cordovero ; Hayyim Vital aka Chaim Vital Moses Hayyim Luzzatto aka The RaMCHaL; Rabbi Shneur Zalman ; H. C. Agrippa; aka Cornelius Agrippa ; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth  ; Dame Frances Yates ; Moses ben Jacob Cordovero; Rabbi Chaim Vital, especially Etz Hayim; The Baal Shem of London; Meir Poppers, especially Ilan ha-Gadol; Shneur Zalman, especially Tanya; Elchonon Wasserman, author of Epoch of the Messiah;


Friends / fellow researchers: Stephen Skinner; Nema aka Soror Andahadna, author of Liber Pennae Praenumbra aka LPP; Frater PVN; Chuck Furnace; Mishlen Linden; Aion 131, Louis Martinié; Colin Low; Calanit Nachshon; Persona Skia of the OAI aka Ordo Adaptorum Invisiblum, author of Liber 800 & Liber Samekh Hé; Gerry Ahrens; Eva Kushner; Marsha Keith Schuchard; Donald Tyson; Ithamar Gruenwald; Philip Beitchman;

Fellow Researchers: J. Gordon Melton ; Persona RA Oh, Outer Head of the OAI;


Organizations: Lodge 416;

Author: The Kabbalah of Maat: Book ONE (1984; 2nd edition, June 1985; 3rd edition, 1985; The Kabbalah of Maºat: Book TWO – Primary Tree Attributions, 1984; 2nd edition, 1985; 3rd edition, 1989; The Kabbalah of Maat: Book THREE – Concealed Dynamics, 1985; revised 1988-9; The Kabbalah of Maat: Book FOUR, 1985; Collected Articles on the Kabbalah, 1985; Collected Articles on the Kabbalah. Volume TWO ,1985; Sepher Raziel: Liber Salomonis, a 1564 English Grimoire from Sloane MS 3826 with Stephen Skinner , 2010; Liber Lunæ or Book of the Moon / Sepher ha-Levanah, foreword by Stephen Skinner with Calanit Nachshon , 2011 - see; Approaching the Kabbalah of Maºat, 2013 - see; “Ésotérisme et Kabbale chrétienne” (translated by Eva Kushner), in Histoire comparée des littératures de langues européennes, Sous-série Renaissance, Volume II: La Nouvelle Culture – 1480-1520 (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó/Amsterdam: John Benjamins B. V., forthcoming); Online works at HERMETIC KABBALAH (edited and maintained by Colin Low): (at “Notes on the Study of Merkabah Mysticism and Hekhalot Literature in English, with an appendix on Jewish Magic”; “Notes on Editions of Sepher Yetzirah on English”; “Notes on the Study of Early Kabbalah in English”; “Notes on the Zohar in English”; “Notes on the Study of Later Kabbalah in English: The Safed Period & Lurianic Kabbalah”; “The Study of Christian Cabala in English”; (at KNOTS & SPIRALS “Notes on the Emergence of Christian Cabala”; (at SOLOMONIC MAGIC “British Library Sloane MS 3826”; “The Study of Solomonic Magic in English”; (at SELECTED WRITINGS OF FRANCISCUS MERCURIUS VON HELMONT A Cabbalistical Dialogue; The Paradoxal Discourses: CHAPTER IV; AN APPENDIX OF SEVERAL QUESTIONS WITH THEIR ANSWERS CONCERNING THE HYPOTHESIS OF THE REVOLUTION OF HUMAN SOULS from The Divine Being and Its Attributes; Seder Olam; at Hekhalot Rabbati translated from the Hebrew and Aramaic by Morton Smith, corrected by Gershom Scholem, transcribed and edited with notes by Don Karr; may havecontributed to The Mystery of Damage, A Wanderer of the Waste, Introduction to the Perfected Tree and Its Implications with Regard to the Æon of Maat , 1984;

Resources for art work:;; and my personal favorite featuring the Baal Shem of London and Emanuel Swedenborg) in “Rabbi Hayyim Falk … Instructs Emanuel Swedenborg in Kabbalistic Visionary Method” (a slightly better reproduction at for Marsha Keith Schuchard's book Why Mrs. Blake Cried: Swedenborg, Blake…etc; for his great art; ; ; ; ;; ; ;

Possible Influences or Connections: Joscelyn Godwin ; Pietro d'Abano ; Francis Barrett ; Albertus Magnus; Idries Shah; James R. Davila ; Abner of Burgos, @ 1270 ; Pablo de Heredia @1403-1486; Abraham Farissol; Tanna Nehuniah ben Hakanah ; A. W. Greenup 1912 ; Raymond Lull; Thomas Rudd; Athanasius Kircher ; Pietro Galatino, 1460-1540 ; Antoine Faivre ; Albert Pike; Hanz Dieter Betz ; Richard Cavendish; Edward Kelly ; John Dee ; Paracelsus ; Dr Chiam Falk aka Dr. Falcon, the Baal Shem of London ;Emanuel Swedenborg; ; Eliphas Levi; Frederick Hockley ; John Porter, 1583 ; Silens Manus.; Ebenezer Sibly ; Francis King; Gerald Yorke; Madame Blavatsky; Grillot de Givry; Nicolas Flamel; Robert Anton Wilson; Franz Bardon; Hermann Gollancz, translator Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh @ 1700 ; Paul Harry Barron @ 1796; Johann Weyer ; Captain F.G. Irwin AKA Brother Francis George Irwin; Johann Scheibel aka Godfrey Selig; William De Laurence; Migene Gonzalez-Wippler; J. C. Horst; Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke; Georg Pictorius Villinganus aka Georg Pictorius, @ 1500 – 1569; Jean Bodin, 1530–1596, author of De la démonomanie des sorciers; E. A. Wallis Budge; James Frazer; Moshe Idel, author of "The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia"; Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite; Bronislaw Malinowski; George Hay; Colin Wilson; Herman Slater; H. Stanley Redgrove; Walter Scott; Reginald Scot; Giordano Bruno; Christopher Marlowe; Johann Georg Faust; Goethe; William Wynn Westcott; Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan; Allison Coudert; Alexander Altmann; Isaiah Tishby; Daniel Matt; Peter Schäfer; David J. Halperin; Menachem Kallus; Keith Richmond; Richard Robb; Allan Holub; Frater Shadow ; Frater 416; L. F. Whitcomb, author of A Wanderer of the Waste; Gerald Suster; Gerry Ahrens; Adam McLean; Alan Thorogood ; Aaron Leitch; Caroll Poke Runyon; Claudia Rohrbacher-Sticker; S. Aldarnay , author of The Pentacles of Solomon, 2012; Christopher McIntosh; Ann White AKA Sorer Veritus and Nelson White AKA Frater Zarathustra, publishers of Lemegeton: Clavicula Salomonis, The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon the King, 1979; Christopher S. Hyatt; Charles Burnett; Gustav Davidson; Theodor H. Gaster; R.A. Gilbert; Joseph C. Lisiewsky; Attilio Mastrocinque; Owen Davies; John Michael Greer ; Christopher Warnock; William Kiesel; Steve Savedow; Kurt Seligmann; Jan R. Veenstra; Kevin Wilby, author of Lemegetton: A Medieval Manual of Solomonic Magic; Robin E. Cousins; ‘’’Robert Turner of Holshott’’’, 1657; Robert Turner, 2015; Joseph H. Peterson; Mitch Henson, 1999; Jeff Wellman, artist; ‘’’Darcy Kuntz’’’, 1998; Michael Camille, author of Visual Art in Two Manuscripts of the Ars Notoria; Frank Klaassen, author of English Manuscripts of Magic 1300-1500; Claire Fanger; Julien Veronèse; Sophie Page , 2013; Benjamin Rowe; Colin D. Campbell; Jake Stratton-Kent; Michael Cecchetelli, author of the The Book of Abrasax; Peter Grey; Gretchen Rudy; Robert Blanchard; Joshua A. Wentworth; Kineta Ch‘ien; John Davis; Matthew Sullivan; Susanna Åkerman; Julia Cresswell; Steve Savedow; ‘’’Lynn Thorndike’’’; Georg Dehn; Steven Guth; Amador Vega; Harvey J. Hames ; Prof. Anthony J. Elia ; Wouter J. Hanegraaff ; Rodney G. Dennis, 1998; Catherine Swielicki, 1986; Yehuda Liebes ; D. C. Duling; Todd E. Klutz ; Claire Fanger; Richard Kieckhefer; Robert Mathiesen; Paul Harry Barron; Daniel Driscoll; Robert Blanchard, 1993; Frank Klaasen;