Doreen Valiente

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Doreen Valiente AKA Ameth (Truth, in Hebrew) AKA Doreen Dominy

England / Isle of Wight 1922 - 1999

Comments: Grand Olde Dame of Gardnerian Wicca AKA British Witchcraft; Wicca; Pagan; Neopaganism; a really lovely LADY; linguist & codebreaker in WW II; appears in The Power of the Witch documentary, 1971, see;

Teachers: Gerald Gardner; Edith Woodford-Grimes AKA "Dafo" ; Charles Cardell; Raymond Howard ; Cecil Williamson; Margaret Murray; 'Old Dorothy' aka Dorothy Clutterbuck;

Students: Lois Bourne; Jack Bracelin; Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki; Ronald Hutton; Robert Cochrane AKA Roy Bowers, created Cochrane's Craft; Ned Grove, her High Priest after Gradner; John Belham-Payne, her successor; Julie Belham-Payne; Brian Botham; Patricia Botham ; Ashley Mortimer; Janet and Stewart Farrar; Dr Leo Ruickbie ; Evan John Jones; Chuck Furnace; "John Math", founder of the Witchcraft Research Association, 1964; Tony Kelly, founder of the Pagan Movement; Prudence Jones of the Pagan Federation; Nigel Pennick of the Pagan Anti-Defamation League (PADL) & The Toadmen; Caitlin Matthews aka Kathy Matthews; John Matthews, co-author and husband; Vivianne Crowley; Justine Glass, author of Witchcraft, The Sixth Sense - And Us, 1965;John Belham-Payne, last High Priest;

Friends / Enemies/ Partners: Aleister Crowley; Casimiro Valiente, husband;

Organizations: "Gardnerian tradition" Wicca, Bricket Wood coven; Coven of Atho; Cochrane's Craft; the Clan of Tubal Cain; New Forest Coven; Brotherhood of the Essenes; Pagan Federation; The Regency, reborn from The Royal Windsor Cuveen after Robert Cochrane's suicide in 1966 ;

Author: The Witches Rune; the Charge of the Goddess; Where Witchcraft Lives; An ABC of Witchcraft (1973); Natural Magic (1975); Witchcraft for Tomorrow (1978); The Rebirth of Witchcraft in 1989; Where Witchcraft Lives, 2010;

Resources:; phone calls in England in the 80s ;, ;