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Ebenezer Sibly AKA Ebenezer Sibley

England 1751 – 1799

Comments: cast natal horoscope of the United States of America, published 1787; used the Placidian system of houses; Alchemy; Astrology; Freemason; Ceremonial magick; Racist, thought Adam and Eve were White, and Africa was settled after the Tower of Babel fell; Royal Society; Physician; Animal Magnetism; Angel communication; "Solar Tincture" and Lunar Tincture; anima mundi; while he claimed a medical degree, it was dated from a time before that Medical School existed in Scotland, making it a dubious claim, he may have studied for it at Officers and Graduates of University & King’s College, Aberdeen in 1792; brother Manoah 1st Swedenborgian Minister in London;

Teachers: Franz Mesmer; Emanuel Swedenborg; Reginald Scot; inspired by Paracelsus; Robert Fludd; Athanasius Kircher; Heinrich Khunrath; Antoine Lavoisier; Herman Boerhaave; Pieter van Musschenbroek; Joseph Priestley; Ben Franklin; Stephen Hales; Philippe de la Hire; Comte de Buffon (1707-1788); Sir Isaac Newton; Christiaan Huygens; Jean Richer; Edmond Halley; Thomas Burnet ; John Woodward; William Whiston; William Stukeley; Giambatista Beccaria; John Canton; Josephus Quercetanus; Michael Sendivogius; Cagliostro, who let him copy Rotalo for 300 guineas;

Students; Charles Rainsford; Johannes Kepler; Marin Mersenne ; Pierre Gassendi; Robert Cross, the Seventh person to write Astrology as Raphael; Major F.G. Irwin AKA Francis George Irwin; Frank Earl Ormsby, author of The law and the prophets - a scientific work on the relationship between physical bodies, vegetable, animal, human, and planetary; J R Saffell; Allen G. Debus, 1982; John Madziarczyk; WB Thomas Dunckerley, of Lodge No 31, at the Three Tuns, perhaps creator of the Mark Mason degree in 1769, 1724 – 1795;

Friends: his brothers Manoah and Job; father Edmund; Frederick Hockley; William Heberden; Matthew Dobson; Baron van Swieten; Sir John Pringle; Edward Jenner; Francis Hauksbee; Charles Frangois du Fay; Stephen Gray; Charles Augustin Coulomb; Tiberius Cavallo; Charles Deslon; Dr. John Bell; Thomas Perks; Philip James de Loutherbourg ; Peter Lambert de Lintot; Charles Rainsford;

Enemies: Rene Descartes; Nicolas Malebranche; Jean Sylvain Bailly;

Organizations: Freemasonry; Mesmer's Harmonic Philosophical School AKA the Harmonic Society of Paris,;

Author: Solomon's Clavis or Key to Unlock the Mysteries of Magic, text of which is entirely different from the Key of Solomon as translated and published by McGregor Mathers; translated Bernard of Treviso (the fountain allegory); New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology, four volumes, 1784 which was republished as Astrology, A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences by Ebenezer Sibly, M.D. F.R.H.S., Embellished with Curious Copper-Plates, London (1806), and The New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology in (1817); A Key to Physic, and the Occult Sciences, Opening to mental view, the system and order of the interior and exterior heavens; the analogy betwixt Angels and the spirits of men; and the sympathy between celestial and terrestrial bodies in 1792; Universal System of Natural History in 1794 ; Culpeper's English physician: and complete herbal (1789); Medical mirror (1794); Magazine of natural history comprehending the whole science of animals, plants, and minerals, 1796; The Medical Mirror, or Treatise on the Impregnation of the Human Female; Illus of the Celestial Science; probably "Freemasonry for the Ladies;

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