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Edward Kelly AKA Sir (?) Edward Kelley or Kelly, AKA Edward Talbot

England 1555 – 1597

Comments: Enochian; Alchemy; Crystal gazing; was at times a forger and thief, but may have also been very talented ;

Teachers: Dr. John Dee ; Sir Phillip Sydney, spymaster; Johannes Trithemius, cryptographer; Rabbi Isaac Luria; ; Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel; Giordano Bruno;

Students:Karl Widemann, Secretary; Theodore Besterman; Claude Alexander Conlin; Frederick Hockley; theoretically Robert Hooke, who decripted his Enochain as secret service reports to the Queen's Secret Service rather than Angelic visions; Otakar Zachar, author of On Alchemy and Czech Alchemists; Ivan Sviták; Robert John Weston Evans, author of Rudolf II and his World: A Study in Intellectual History, 1576-1612 ; Peter Marshall, author of The Magic Circle of Rudolf II: Alchemy and Astrology in Renaissance Prague; Ivo Purs; Susan Bassnett, author of "Absent Presences: Edward Kelley's Family in the Writings of John Dee"; Donald Cheney and Brenda Hosington, who translated Westonia's writings; James Campbell; Ferdinand of Tyrol; Inigo Jones; Robert Boyle; W.B. Yeats; Aaron Leitch; Michael Wilding , author of “Edward Kelly: A Life" ; Peter Vok of the Rozmberks, 1539-1611; Vilem aka William Vok of the Rozmberks, 1535-1592; Count Albert Laski;

Friends: John Blokley; Vilem Rožmberk AKA Lord Rosenberg. Rožmberk; Elias Ashmole ; Sir Thomas Browne; Oswald Croll, author of Basilica Chymica; step-daughter, Elizabeth Jane Weston aka Westonia; Archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol; Thomas, Brother; Ludmilla z Pisnice aka Ludmilla von Pisnitz, sister-in-law in Bohemia; Vice-Chancellor Heinrich von Pisnitz; Lord Villem Rosenberg, patron; John Francis, brother; Lord Treasurer William Cecil; Sir Edward Dyer;

Enemies: Rudolph II knighted him as Sir Edward Kelley of Imany and New Lüben on February 23, 1590, but put him in jail soon after, where he eventually died; Thomas Seccombe, author of Lives of Twelve Bad Men; A.F. Pollard ;


Author: The Stone of the Philosophers, read it here http://www.alchemylab.com/kelly_%20stone.htm; The Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy (found here http://www.levity.com/alchemy/terrastr.html); The Angelic Alphabet read it here - http://darkbooks.org/collection/Edward-Kelley.html ; The Alchemical Writings of Edward Kelly: The Englishman's Excellent Treatises on the Philosopher's Stone, together with The Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy, edited by A.E. Waite;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Kelley; http://www.john-dee.org/;