Ellery Channing

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Ellery Channing AKA William Ellery Channing

America 1818 – 1901

Comments: Transcendentalist Poet; may have been autistic, his poetry is a series of impressions without commentary per se; suggested Walden to Thoreau; buried at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord ;

Teachers: his uncle, Dr. William Ellery Channing; Amos Bronson Alcott; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Margaret Fuller; Henry David Thoreau; Rev. Theodore Parker ; Moncure Conway; Nathaniel Hawthorne; The Three Peabody Sisters, one of whom was Hawthorne's wife and the other two started the Kindergarten Movement; Joseph Priestley; Emily Dickinson;


Friends: Ellen Fuller, wife, was the younger sister Margaret Fuller; Franklin Benjamin Sanborn; Hal Menge; Emma Lazarus;

Enemies: Edgar Allan Poe;


Author: poems in The Dial; Thoreau, the Poet-Naturalist, 1873; Leviticus, 1850; Major Leviticus: His Three Days in Town, 1884; "Manual of Words and Phrases (Chiefly English) in Great Part Recent or Obsolete;

Resources: Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement lecture series, Professor Ashton Nichols ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Ellery_Channing_%28poet%29 ; http://www.concordlibrary.org/scollect/Fin_Aids/Channing_W_E.html ; read him here - http://www.poemhunter.com/william-ellery-channing/poems/ ; http://transcendentalism-legacy.tamu.edu/authors/channing/ ;