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Emanuel Swedenborg aka Emanuel Swedlberg, till 1721 aka The Assessor aka Ab Aphaneide aka “by one unseen” aka "I.S.E.G.O.F.” aka “Nicolaiter” aka “Nicolaus Nicolai"

Sweden 1688 – 1772

Comments: Prophet and Mystic ; Spiritual Scientist; learned Greek and Hebrew as an adult; Dreams; Neoplatonism; Freemason; Spiritual Alchemy, very influential ; may have been pro-French, pro-Jacobite agent for the party of “Hats” in Sweden, as opposed to the pro-English, pro-Russian party of “Caps”; Agent of The Black Chamber Jacobite; Secret Sex magick techniques are rumored, specifically identification of the female Sex organ with the wound in Jesus' side, and Adam's missing rib; vision in 1745 pulled him from Science to Spirit; learned the Qabalistic method of Karezza+ aka kawwanah aka Godly Concentration aka Sex magick, with orgasm delay or prevention, later taught by J. William Lloyd of the of Free Socialists, Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham, John Humphrey Noyes of the Oneida Community and Thomas Lake Harris of the Brotherhood of the New Life; "The Kiss of Death" meditation; Scientific genius of his time, who had mystical visions and experiences which then, transformed him into one of the greatest mystic philosophers ever. Spoke to Angels; plans for a flying machine; had his Aha! Experiences starting in 1743 - 1744 ; successfully communicated with the dead Prince Augustus Wilhelm of Prussia (1722–1758) for his sister, Sweden’s Queen Louisa Ulrika (1720–1782); in some ways a Messianic figure of the “the coming fifth age” of Mankind after Christianity; this world is an Alchemical laboratory for the soul, whether we know or like it, it is still the process of Life; correctly predicted his own death March 29, 1772; The Last Judgment happend in Heaven in 1757, not yet reflected on Earth; "saw" a fire threaten his house from another city, Göteborg, far away, and all details of his vision later confirmed, 1759; After Ambassador Louis de Marteville (1701–1760) died, his wife misplaced an important receipt, so Swedenborg contacted her dead husband, who correctly identified where the paper hid; When challenged by a child to show her an Angel, he swept aside a curtain to show her own image in the mirror; Reason, Faith and Experience should be encouraged and harmonized; read John Wesley of Methodisms mind from a distance, and invited him to visit, 1772, explaining he would die in the following month, and did; amazing gardener; To skeptics, he replied "Vidi, audivi, sensi", aka “I have seen, I have heard, I have felt.” the Spiritual World and it's creatures; of the FOUR LOVES, love for the Lord, love for our neighbor, love for the world, and love for ourselves, the 1st two are paramount and the 2nd two follow; While the Male is Wisdom / Intellectual in this World, he is Love / Emotional in the Spiritual World, and Woman just the opposite; We start building our own Heaven or Hell in this Life, by our desires and actions; Other religions (beyond Christianity or Lutherans) to lead a variety of personality types to Heaven; Saw the Heavenly Qualities of those he met, the Jesus Nature in Man and the Original Eve before the Fall in Women; The Deluge of Noah was Evil desires washing away Knowledge and Wisdom because they were not being used; While he did not originate the Swedenborg Rite, his philosophy is the guiding LIGHT of these Masonic Rites; studied “Ecstasy Energumene” aka “Demoniacism,” of the Lapland shamans; chariot vision aka Merkabah to the heavenly palace of many rooms aka Hekhaloth experience in January 1748; There is a fascinating fantasy of him being Initiated as a Qabalist, wonderful painting "Rabbi Samuel Jacob Hayyim Falk (the Ba'al Shem of London) aka The Baal Shem of London instructing Emmanuel Swedenborg in Kabbalistic Visionary Method" by Don Karr for Marsha Keith Schuchard's book WHY MRS. BLAKE CRIED: SWEDENBORG, BLAKE,AND THE SEXUAL BASIS OF SPIRITUAL VISION; “Lost Word” of Freemasonry is “written by pure correspondences” and the most Holy Hebrew NAME of God is a "substitute Word" provided as the original became Material;

Teachers: Spirit Guide “Abram the Hebrew”, his "maggid"; The "Spirit" of Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie, Knight of the Masonic “Order of the Red Ribbon”, 1622 – 1686; Jakob Bohme aka Jacob Behme; John Wilkins; John Locke; Christian von Wolff; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz; Rene Descartes; Plotinus; Plato; Aristotle; The Baal Shem of London aka Dr Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk AKA Doctor Falckon aka Dr. Falcon, probable met in 1744; Johan Hippodami aka Johann Lange, author of Chymische Schriften, 1748; Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Johan Wallberg, author of Sammlung Naturlicher Zauberkunst, 1748;Charles Wilkins, author of Mathematical and Philosophical Works, 1701; John Norris aka John Norris of Bemerton, (1657–1711), author of The Theory and Regulation of Love, 1688; Johan Conrad Dippel aka Christianus Demócritus, 1673 –1734, (born at Castle Frankenstein) , who alchemically created an elixir of life called Dippel's Oil and called the Qabalist’s Adam Kadmon The Original Man aka Ur-Mensch; Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschuetz of Prague aka Jonathan Eybeschutz, Rabbi of the "Three Communities" - Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek , 1690-1764 , father of Wolf Jonas Eybeschutz and grandfather of Baron Thomas von Schoenfeld aka Moses Dobruška AKA Brother Junius Frey of The Order of the Asiatic Brethren aka the Asiatische Bruder ; Rabbi Judah Leib Prossnitz aka Judah Leib (Leibele) aka (Löbele) Prossnitz aka Messiah ben Joseph aka "Joseph ben Jacob" , @1670 - @1730/1750; Mordecai Eisenstadt aka Mordecai Mokiach, 1650 – 1729 ; Carl Anton; Rabbi Yechezkel ben Yehuda Landau aka Rabbi Yechezkel Halevi Landau, "Noda B'Yehudah", 1713 – 1793 ; Dr, Martin Schurig on sexual biology; Dr. John Dee; Paracelsus; Placidus de Titus, of the "Placidian system" of astrology; Archbishop Erik Benzelius the Elder (1632 - 1709); his son Erik Benzelius the younger aka Eric Benzelius, Uncle and Librarian in Uppsala, creator of the “Collegia Curiosorum,” 1675 – 1743; Franz Anton Mesmer; Jesper Swedberg, father, Bishop of of Skara, Sweden, made a Noble with the name change in 1719; Edward Edzard, Hebrew scholar; Dr. John Moraeus, medical tutor; Jan Baptist van Helmont; Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont ; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; The Philadelphian Brotherhood aka Philadelphian Society aka the Philadelphians of Ms. Jane Lead aka Jane Ward Lead, (author of A Fountain of Gardens, Seven Signs Forerunning the Kingdom ), John Pordage (1607–1681), ( author of Seven Spirits of God and "Theologia Mystica") and Dr. Francis Lee (author of Dissertations)  ; Robert Earl of Oxford  ; Sabbatai Zevi; Rabbi Johan Kemper aka Johan Christian Jacob Kemper aka Rabbi Moses ben Aaron Kohen of Cracow aka Shabbatai ben Meir HaKohen aka Shabbatai HaKohen aka The the Shakh ( ש"ך‎) or The Lips, 1670–1716 ex Sabbatian; "Philon", AKA Philo the Jew; John Smith , a "founder" of the Cambridge Platonists and Cartesian, 1618-1652, author of Selected Discourses - “Discourse on the True Way or Method of Attaining to Divine Knowledge”, 1660; Father Nicolas Malebranche aka The Occasional Philosopher"; Henry More; Origen of Alexandria, 185-252 BCE; Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto AKA The RaMCHaL; Antoine Count de Gébelin; Count Nicholaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf; Pastor Philip Jakob Spener (1635-1705) of Pietism; Jean Albert Adelgreiff; Paul Felgenhauer, alchemist; Paul Nagel ; Elias Eller (1690-1750); Anna von Büchel; Elias Eller Baron Justinian Ernst von Weltz, aka Justinian Ernst von Welz, Baron von Eberstein, 1621-1668 ; Nicolas-Pierre-Henri de Montfaucon de Villars, author of Count of Gabalis, 1670 ; Michael Psellos , author of Peri energeias daimonon; Antoinette Bourignon de la Porte of Quietism; Quirinus Kuhlmann (1651-1680) ; Simon Morin (1623-1663); Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de La Motte-Guyon, aka Madame Guyon, (@1648 – 1717) of Quietism; Le Sieur de la Créquinière, author of Conformité des Coutumes des Indiens Orientaux, Avec celles des Juifs & des autres Peoples de l’Antiquité aka Uniformity of the Customs of Oriental Indians and those of Jews and other Ancient Peoples, 1703 in French, 1704 in English , on Hindu influences on Jewish Qabalists; Jan Hus (aka John Huss) of the Morovians aka the "Bohemian Brethren" (Čeští bratři) or Unity of the Brethren (Jednota bratrská); John Flamsteed ; Christopher Polhem; Leonardo da Vinci ; Nicolas Flamel, Alchemist; Nebuchadnezzar II; Pythagoras; Socrates; Aristippus; Xenophon; Johann Permeier of the Societas Regalis Jesu Christi; Abraham von Franckenberg ; Lorenz Grammendorf; Crusius Florian, Antitrinitarian; Mechior Beringer von Königshofen; Johann Heinrich Alsted, Encyclopedist; Jacob Frank; Dr. Anders Hallengren; Count Axel Ericson Wrede-Sparre, 1708-1772, introduced Freemason ry to Sweden; Dr. John Theophilus Desaguliers 1740, London; Esdras Edzard; Manuel Texeira; Lars Normann; Gustaf Peringer; Maimonides; Benedict Lund, author of Lucos Haebreorum & vertum gentililium aka “The Holy Grove of the Hebrews and of the Ancient Peoples”, 1699; David Lund, author of De Sapientia Salomonis, 1705; Sigrid Forsius; Johannes Messenius, author of Scondia Illustrata, 1700- 1705; Johannes Loccenius , author of Rerum Scoticarum Historia; Georg Stiernhielm; Jean Bodin; Hugo Grotius ; Pythagoras; Macrobius Ambrosius Theodosius aka Macrobius; D.G. Morhof, author of Polyhistor litterarius, philosophicus, und practicus, 1708; Giordano Bruno; Tommaso Campanella; Athanasius Kircher; Robert Fludd; John Heydon; Robert Moray; John Smith, author of Select Discourses, 1660; Dr. Robert Hooke; Rabbi Daniel de Fonseca; Count Stanislaus Poniatowsky; Nehemiah Hayyun aka Rabbi Nehemiah Hiyya ben Moses Hayyun, author of Oz l’elohim, 1713, lived @1650 – 1730; Br. Hermann Boerhaave ; J.C. Barchusen aka Johann Conrad Barchusen aka Philophotes, author of Johannis Conradi Barchusen Elementa chemiae, quibius subjuncta est, Confectura lapidis philosophici, imaginibus repraesentata, 1718, 1666-1723; Andreas Rüdiger; Pierre de Vallemont, author of Physique occulte, ou traité de la baguette divinatore, 1693; Mårten Triewald aka Marten Triewald the Younger, 1691 – 1747; Ivan Nestesuranoi, author of Memoires de le Règne de Pierre le Grand, 1726; Goran Wallerius, alchemist; Johan von Kunckel, alchemist; C.G. Putoneus aka C G Meiningen, Naturalist; Christian Wolff, author of Psychologia Empirica, 1733; Johann Friedrich Bottger, developer of “The Arcanum” of Porcelain; Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschütz; Christian Benedict Michaelis, Hebrew scholar; J.F. Henkel; Bernardo Trevisano, fifteenth-century alchemist of Padua; Marshall Bernhard Rehbinder, alchemist; Theodore Gualdo; Laurent Natter aka Johann Lorenz Natter, 1705–1763, creator of maçonnerie magique”; Dr. Antonio Cocchi, 1695 – 1758; Dr. Joseph Attias aka Ebreo Attias; Massimiliano Palombara, creator of the “Porta Magica” ; Giusseppe Borri, author of La Chiave del Gabinetto, 1681; Adrian von Mynsicht aka Madathanus, author of Aureum Saeculum Redivivum, 1621; Wienner von Sonnenfels , author of Splendor lucis, oder Glanz des Lichts; Johannes de Monte-Snyder, author of Commentatio de Pharmaco Catholico published , "Chymica Vannus" , 1666; Josephus Quercetanus aka Joseph Duchesne; Hugo Grotius; Jan Swammerdam , bee expert, 1637 – 1680; Jacob Carpenter, editor of De Secretiore Parte Divinae Sapientieae secundum Aegyptios, 1571; Anders Odel, author of “Song of Sinclair”; Fillipo Pincinelli, author of Mundus Symbolicus, in emblematum universitate, 1695; Rabbi Philo; Abraham Abulafia; Theobald van Hoghelande, author of Abhandlung von denen Hindernissen bey der Alchemie, 1749; Arislaus aka Guielmus Gratarolus, author of Turba Philosophorum, translated by Philip Morgenstern, 1750; Ludwig Holberg, author of Vermischte Briefe, 1748–49, a German translation of Epistler; Wilhem Surenhuys, herbalist; Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschütz, 1690 – 1764; Johan Archenholtz, probably a member of “Goldund Rosenkreutzer” aka the Golden and Rosy Cross; Jacob Toll, author of Manaductio ad Caelum Chemicum, 1752; Gerber aka Geber, author of Chymische Werke, 1753; Anonomous author of Die Schlange “Mosis” die alle andere verschlingt, oder neu entdechte chymische Geheimnisse aka The snake of Moses which devours all others, or never discovered chymical secrets, which are the transformation of the old cursed Earth, 1755; Theodore Berger, author of Synchronitische Universal-Historie, 1755; Dr. Edmund Dickinson; Stanislaus Leszczynski; John Frederick Helvetius, author of The golden calf which the world adores and desires; Father Jean-Raymond Petity aka Abbé de Petity, author of Encyclopédie Elémentaire, 1768, 1715- 1780; May Drummond, Quaker; Jean Pierre Macquer, author of Elements of the Theory and Practice of Chymistry, 1758; James John Garth Wilkinson, author of Revelation, mythology, correspondences; Pierre Jacques Buc’hoz, author of Traité historique des Plantes, 1770;

Students: Johnny Appleseed; William Blake; Jorge Luis Borges; Arthur Conan Doyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson; Henry James Sr.; Carl Jung; Honoré de Balzac; Helen Keller; Czesław Miłosz; August Strindberg; D. T. Suzuki; W.B. Yeats; Andrew Jackson Davis; Ethan Allen Hitchcock; Desmond Bourke; Heinrich Tränker; Joseph Smith; King Carl XIII, Grand Master of Swedish Freemasonry (Svenska Frimurare Orden); MacGregor Mathers;Samuel Beswick, of the “The Primitive and Original Rite of Symbolic Masonry" ; Baron Erik Palmstierna; Mrs. Otto Wilhelm Nordenskjöld aka Georgina Kennedy; Eberhard Zwink; Martin Lamm; Ernst Benz; Cyriel Odhner Sigstedt, Inge Jonsson; Marsha Keith Schuchard; Benedict Chastanier (1739–1816) of the Universal Society aka The London Universal Society for the Promotion of the New Jerusalem Church, founded 1776; General Charles Rainsford (1728–1809), governor of Gibraltar; Marquis de Thomé, creator of the Swedenborgian Rite of Freemasonry, 1783, in Paris; Anton Joseph Pernettiaka aka Abbe Antoine Joseph Pernety of the Illuminés d’Avignon and Hermetic Rite of Freemasonry at Avignon, 1766 & of the Academy of the Illuminated Philosophers, 1786; Friedrich Christoph Oetinger aka F.C. Oetinger (1702-1782); Brother Benedict Chastanier ; Count Tadeusz Grabianka; Rev. Jacob Duché, 1st chaplain to the Continental Congress ; Ralph Mather, 1800 ; Manoah Sibly; Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke; Désirée Hirst; Eliphas Levi; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Joscelyn Godwin; Richard Brothers, of Avignon; Robert Hindmarsh of the Swedenborgians and ‘The Theosophical Society’; Samuel Beswick, 1870, revived the Swedenborgian Rite of Freemasonry, author of Swedenborg Rite and the Great Masonic leaders of the Eighteenth Century; Brother Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Martinez de Pasqually; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin ; Jean-Baptiste Willermoz; Gerard Encausse aka Papus; Augustin Chaboseau; Saint-Yves d'Alveydre; Baron von Hund; John Yarker; Abbe Pierre Fournié; Edward and Anne Penny; Anna Kingsford; Edward Maitland; Mme. H.P. Blavatsky; Col. Henry Steel Olcott; George Bush (never President!) , author of Mesmer and Swedenborg, 1847; Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910), ‘The Poughkeepsie Seer; J.J. Garth Wilkinson aka James John Garth Wilkinson and brother William Wilkinson may be W.M. Wilkinson ; John Garnett; Revd. B. F. Barrett; Revd. Chauncey Giles, President of the General Convention of the New Church, 1882; William White, chaplain to the Continental Congress; Thomas Lake Harris of the Brotherhood of the New Life; J.W. Edmonds, Spiritualist Medium; G.T. Dexter , Spiritualist Medium; Louis-Alphonse Cahagnet, author of Magie Magnétique aka Mental magic & “The celestial telegraph : or, Secrets of the life to come, revealed through magnetism”, expert on Magic Mirrors; T.H. Pattinson aka Vota Vita Mea (V.V.M.) aka Thomas Henry Pattinson of the Golden Dawn; Rev. William Alexander Ayton ; Edmund Berridge AKA Edmund William Berridge AKA Respiro ;  ; Frank Podmore; Rev. Ralph Mather, New Church in America; William Oxley, 1823 - 1905 (see https://archive.org/details/angelicrevelati00oxlegoog ), a friend of Paschal Beverly Randolph aka P. B. Randolph  ; G. Roland Smith ; Antoine Faivre; Rev John Hargrove (1750-1839); Rev. James J. Wilmer; J. William Lloyd of the of Free Socialists, Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham, John Humphrey Noyes of the Oneida Community ; Thomas Lake Harris of the Brotherhood of the New Life; Benjamin La Trobe aka John Frederick Bateman aka John Frederic La Trobe Bateman, hydraulic engineer, 1850 and father of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, architect of the Capitol of the USA in Washington, DC; G. E. Klemming; Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka Mother Eve aka the Sophia of Böhme ,(1670 - 1721) of the Buttlarsche Rotte aka the Buttlarian gang and the "Christliche und Philadelpische Sozietät" (aka Christian and Philadelphical Society); Justus Gottfried Winter; Dr. Johann Georg Appenfeller; Johann-Willem Petersen (1649-1727); Madeleine Elrich,; Christine-Régina Bader ; Adélaïde Schwartz ; Anne-Marguerite Jahn, the ‘Pietist singer’; Anne-Eve Jacob aka ‘the sucker of blood'; Jean-Guillaume Petersen; Eleonore von Merlau, his wife; Guillaume Postel  ; Rosemonde-Julienne von Asseburg of the troupe of Pietist Sibyls ballet dancers; ; Johann Georg Gichtel , ‘the spiritual husband of the Virgin Sophia’ 1669; Serge Hutin; Jacques Cazotte , author of The Amorous Devil (1772); Charles Fourier ; John Humphrey Noyes; Ernst Christoph Hochmann von Hochenau (1670-1721); Gottfried Arnold; Peter Poiret (1646-1719); Father Miguel de Molinos (1628-1696) , author of A Spiritual Guide Intended to Led the Soul to Perfect Contemplation and the Rich Treasury of the Peace of the Heart; Robert Marcus Owen and the Owenites; Abram Combe; George Rapp; Josiah Warren; Léonone Labilliére of La Maison des Poetes; Miss Esther Hersey ; Charles Tuller Garland of the April Farm Love Colony, @ 1925; Wilson Van Dusen; Sigrid Toksvig; Jacob Sessler; Rev. Alfred Acton of the New Church; Jeffrey J. Kripal of Rice University; Dr. Benedict Chastanier, of the Masonic Illumines Theosophes Lodge of London, Master of the Socrate de Ia Parfaite Lodge in Paris, 1776 and of the Universal Society aka The London Universal Society for the Promotion of the New Jerusalem Church, (1739 - @ 1816); Marquis de Thorn; Savalette de Langes of the Philaléthes Lodge; General Charles Rainsford; William Bousie; Henry James; Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; John Greenleaf Whittier, author of The Pennsylvania Pilgrim; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Henry Ward Beecher; Harvey F. Bellini; Helen Keller; Johnny Appleseed aka John Chapman; John Yorker; Harold V.B. Voorhis; A.E. Waite; Brother William G. Peacher, Maine Lodge of Research; Reghellini de Scio, author of Esprit du Dogne de la Franc-Maçonnerie. recherches sur son origine et celle de ses différents rites aka “Spirit of the Dogma of Freemasonry, Studies on its origin and theses of its various Rites” and , La Maçonnerie, considérée comme le résultat des Religions Egyptienne, Juive et Chrétienne aka “Freemasonry considered as the result of Egyptian, Jewish, and Christian Religions” and Précis historique de l'Ordre du Temple on the Templars; Peter Lambert de Lintot, 1726-1798, author of Les Mystères de la Pierre Cubique, artist of The Freemason at Work, & of the Masonic Rite of Heredom in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; William Law; John Byrom‎‎; Dr. George Cheyne‎; Dionysius Andreas Freher, 1649-1728;; Desmond Bourke; Michele Moramarco of the "Antico Rito Noachita" aka "Ancient Noachide Rite" (concerning Noah, rather than Hiram Abiff); Samuel Beswick,author of The Swedenborg Rite and the Great Masonic Leaders of the Eighteenth Century, 1870; Charles Baudelaire; Strindberg; John Whitehead, translator; George Dole; Robert Kirven; Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis; Jonathan Rose of the Swedenborg Foundation; Lisa Hyatt Cooper, translator; Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka The Sophia of Bohemia; Charles Frederick Nordenskjold aka August Nordenskiöld aka Nordenskjöld, Alchemist; Carl Bernhard Wadström, Swedish/British abolitionist; Thomas Clarkson; Granville Sharp ; William Wilberforce; Henry Corbin, author of Swedenborg and Esoteric Islam; Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling (1775 – 1854) aka von Schelling; Phineas Quimby of New Thought; Warren Felt Evans; Charles Fillmore (1854–1948) and Myrtle Fillmore (1845–1931); Emma Curtis Hopkins; Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science; Ernest Holmes of Religious Science Movement; Malinda Cramer, Emmet Fox and Nona Lovell Brooks of the Church of Divine Science; Robert Frost , poet; Dr. James Tyler Kent, homeopath; Sir Isaac Pitman, creator of a Shorthand method; Fabian Wilhelm Ekenstam, of the Pro Fide et Caritate, 1796; Ebenezer Sibly; Christian Johansen; Anders Johansen; James Montgomery, poet, author of The Wanderer of Switzerland, 1806; Thomas Herbert, author of Relation du Voyage de Perse et des Indes orients, 1663; Gemelli Careri, author of Voyage du Tour du Monde, 1719; Hiram Powers sculptor; Henry Septimus Sutton, author of Evangel of Love, 1847; Ralph Waldo Emerson; John Flaxman aka The Knight of the Blazing Cross, ,1755 – 1826, sculptor, and wife Nancy Flaxman aka Ann Denman (?), both Alchemists; Rev. John Clowes; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Robert Browning, poet; : Brian Talbot; Dr. Karl-Erik Sjödén; Antón Pacheco; Johan Rosen; Gabriel Beyer; William Cookworthy (1705–1780); Rev Thomas Hartley (1708–1784);Howard Pyle; N. C. Wythe; Louis Comfort Tiffany; Br. Samuel Woodworth (1785-1842) Poet; Carl Friedrich von Eckleff aka Baron Carl Friedrich Eckleff, author of the Christian Swedish Rite of Freemasonry, 1756; Arthur Lillie; Frederika Hauffe , the Seeress of Prevorst, 1801-1829; her doctor Justinus Kerner; the Philadelphians; Philip James de Loutherbourg ; Virgina platantion owner Robert Carter, who freed his slaves; Joseph Whittingham Salmon; George Riebau, Printer to the Nephew of the Almighty; Richard Brothers,Nephew of the Almighty; Jonathan Pratt; Dr. Karl de Leeuw; F. G. Lindh @ 1928; Lars Bergquist @ 1999; Br. L.P. Regnell; Rudolph Tafel; Anders Norrelius, author of Phosphorus Orthodoxae Fidei Veterum Cabbalistiarum: seu testimonia de Sacrosancto Trinitate et Messia Deo et Homine, ex. pervetusto libro Sohar; C.F. Nordenskjold, author of Oneiromantien, 1783; William Wynn Westcott; Stephen Cole; King Gustav III of Sweden (seems unlikely); John Marchant, translator, author of An Exposition of the Books of the Old Testament, 1745; Daniel Tilas, 1712 - 1772; Axel Cronstedt; Deputy Grand Master of Sweden Carl Eckleff ofthe Chapitre Illuminé de Stockholm aka The Invisibles, 1759, which instituted the 7th aka Enlightened Steward aka Stuart Brother degree to the illuminist of Sweden; Baron Louis de Hatzel of the “Order of Constantine” aka “Mr. Hatsel”; Count Gustav Gabriel Bonde, author of Clavicula Hermeticae scientiae aka Clavicula hermeticae scientiae ab hyperboreo quodam horis subsecivis calamo consignata, anno MDCCXXXII aka The clavicle hermetic science written by a northerner, in his leisure hours, 1732 aka ” La Clavicule de la Science Hermétique Ecrite par un Habitant du Nord, dans ses Heures de Loisir” ; Ludwig VIII, Landgrave of Darmstadt; Ludwig IX, Landgrave of Darmstadt; Carl Scheffer, Grand Master of Sweden, 1760, of “the Seventh Lodge,” 1760. allied with the Chapitre Illuminé, maintained contacts with brothers in the lodge Zu den drei Welt-Kugeln aka “Three Globes” of Baron von Zinnendorf in Berlin; Madame de Marteville; Count Ivan Andreyevich Osterman of Russia, 1725 – 1811; Louisa Ulrika; the "spirit of her brother Augustus William of Prussia; Ulric Scheffer; Olof Dalin; Axel Cronstedt; King Gustav III; Nikita Panin & his mother Empress Catherine of Russia; Antoine Joseph Pernety; Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling, 1740 - 1817 ; Cyriel Odhner Sigstedt, 2015; Rudolph Tafel; Brother J. A. Stark, and the Clerks of Relaxed Observance of Germany,1741 - 1816; Carl Christopher Gjörwell, 1764; Chevalier d'Eon; William Bousie; Daniel Carlsson Solander oaka Daniel Charles Solander; General Christian de Tuxen; Charles Auguste le Tonnelier, Baron de Breteuil & de Preuilly ; Baron Joachim Schroder; Dr. Johan Rosén of the “Solomon of the Three Locks” Lodge; his brother Sven Rosén,a radical Pietist & Moravian ; Dr. Gabriel Andersson Beyer; Peter Hammerberg; Gabriel Frederick Beyer ; Dr. Johan Gothenius, 1765; General Christian Tuxen of Denmark; Nicholas Collins; Inge Jonsson; Johan Halldin of the Exegetic-Philanthropic society; Jean-Pierre Moet, Master of the Loge Écossaise de Saint-Jean du Secret & “Souverain” of the Conseil Souverain des Chevaliers d’Orient de France, 1763; Cardinal de Rohan; J.A. Tulk; Marquis de Thome; Alice Joly; Dr. Husband Messiter; Robert Hamilton; Robert Traill; Alexander Gerard; Frank Sewall; F.H. Barthelemon aka François-Hippolyte Barthélémon, of the lodge “L’Immortalité de l’Ordre; Antonio Torres; Peter Woulfe, alchemist, 1727 – 1803; Baron von Zinnendorf; Bishop Lars Benzelstierna; Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, 1770; Guyton de Morveau; Andreas Önnerfors; Ludwig IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1771; Duke Carl of Soudermania; Guyton de Morveau aka “Brumore” aka Louis-Bernard Guyton de Morveau; Joachim von Schröder; Benjamin Henry La Trobe; Dr. Mordecai Gumpertz Levison; Count Cagliostro aka Joseph Balsamo; Baron Gustaf Macklean; Rudolph Tafel, 1883; Alfred Stroh, 1907 ; Sir William Chambers; Samuel Sandel; Robert Hindmarsh; Georg Rosenberg; William Gomme; J.C. Barfod; Jonathan Clark; Baron Gustav Mauritz Armfeldt ; Baron Frederick Sparre;

Friends: John Wesley, the founder of Methodism; Joachim Fredrick Preis, Swedish ambassador at The Hague;Sir Hector Maclean;Swedish King, Carl XII, who he served as military engineer;Count Carl Fredrik Scheffer;Nils Palmstierna; Carl Gustaf Tessin;Count Nils Bielke; Leonard Dober, missionary to the Jews of London; Carl Linnaeus, cousin; William Castelln Gottenberg; Dr. R. L Tafel; Richard Shearsmith; Elizabeth Reynolds; Reverend Arvid Ferelius; Samuel Sandals; Rabbi Leven en Arbeid Van Samuel Lieberkuhn, author of “Rabbi Honoris Causa”; Rev. Thomas Hartley; Martin Folkes; Dr. James Parsons; General Christian Tuxen; Christopher Springer; Johann Christian Cuno, (1708–1796); his "Soul Mate in Heaven", Elisabet Stierncrona Gyllenborg (1714–1769), author of Marie Baste del aka The Best of Mary, 1760, wife in this world of Count Frederick Gyllenborg; Carl Robsahm; Husband aka Henry Messiter; perhaps a spy for King Louis XV of France; A.J. von Hopken; King Gustav III of Sweden; King Charles XII of Sweden and the Turkish Jews who rescued him from prison; Johann Caspar Lavater; John Chamberlayne; Charles Leslie; William Penn; Hans Sloane, who owned Thomas Martin’s manuscript “Narrative of the Free Masons Word and Signs” , 1659; Dr. John Woodward; Edmond Halley; Thomas Hearne; Samuel Parker, publisher of History of the Works of the Learned, 1699–1711; Francis Lewis Francia; Baron Johan Palmquist; y Joachim Frederick Preis; Ambassador Eric Sparre; his son Axel Wrede Sparre ; Count Carl Gustaf Bielke; his son Nils Bielke; Isaac Cronstrom; Mikael Eneman; Nicodemus Tessin, architect of the Temple of Apollo at Versailles, 1615 – 1681; his son Count Nicodemus Tessin the Younger, 1654 – 1728; Abbé Jean-Paul Bignon, of the Académie des Sciences, author of Les Aventures d’Abdallah, 1712; Paul Varignon; Philippe de la Hire; Pierre Balguerie; Anders Skutenhjelm; Johan Gabriel Werwing; John Dryden; James Radcliffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater, grandson of the martyred King Charles II; Carl Fredrik Eckleff, of the Chapitre Illuminé; Count Poniatowski, perhaps General Kazimierz Poniatowski aka the Great Podkomorzy ,1721–1800; Captain Johan Stenflycht, alchemist; Poniatowski aka Stanisław August Poniatowski; General Magnus Stenbock; Thomas Howard, 8th Duke of Norfolk; Count Wellingck; Josias Cederhielm; Br. Vassily Tatischev; Br. 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Enemies: Johan Henric Kellgren; C. G. von Murr; John Stinstra; Andrew Frey of Herrnhaag; Casanova, eventually; Rev. William Hurd; Henry Rimius, author of "A Candid Narrative of the Rise and Progress of the Herrnhuters, Commonly Call'D Moravians"; Olof A. Ekebom (1716–1784), 1769; Faustus Socinus aka Fausto Sozzini, 1539–1604; his uncle Laelius Socinus aka Lelio Sozzini, 1525–1562; Although a student, Immanuel Kant would publish a book in 1766 titled "Dreams of a Spirit Seer" mocking Swedenborg; Mary Pratt; Madame de Marteville, British spy; Queen Louisa Ulrika, sister of Frederick the Great; Queen Catherine the Great of Russia; Edward Willes, Oxford Code-breaker; Per Niklas Gedda, spy; Ludvig Holberg; Henry Angel aka “Schulze”, British Spy; "Young Glengarry" aka Pickle the British Spy; “Wilkinson” the British spy aka Carl Gedda; Madame de Marteville; Louis de Marteville; Louisa Ulrika ; Count Gustaf Horn ; Mackenzie-Douglas; Tobias Boas, 1696- 1782; Anders Nordencrantz; Christopher Springer, after 1743, British spy; Guy Dickens; Colonel Anders Hinric Ramsay; Louis Charles Auguste le Tonnelier, Baron de Breteuil & Preuilly, 1730 – 1807; 1760 Johann Ernesti of Leipzig; John Goodricke aka “Milord Rosbif” & his girlfriend “Jackboot Kate” aka Stovlet Katrine; John Harrison, who solved the Longitude problem; Johan Albert von Korff; Lord Sandwich; Sir George Amyand; Aaron Mathesius; his father Johan Mathesius; Samuel Älf; Aaron Mathesius, pastor of the Swedish Church; Johann Gustav Burgmann, pastor of the German Lutheran Church; Count Hans Axel von Fersen;

Similar: John Ch. Edelman aka Johann Christian Edelmann, Pietist;

Organizations: Freemasonry, initiated at University of Lund, 1706; active in the Ecossais aka the Hauts Grades, & Jacobite Masonic intrigue of his times; Rite of Seven Degrees, a Jacobite Masonic order in London aka Jacobite-Masonic high degrees,1744; the Swedish Academy of Sciences; inspired The New Church aka the New Jerusalem Church; inspired the Swedenborg Rite of Freemasonry; after his death, followers formed the Swedenborgian Church of North America;

Author: Selecta Sententia, 1709; Heaven and Hell, 1758; Life on Other Planets; Regnum animale aka Oeconomia Regina Anamalis, (The Animal Kingdom, or Kingdom of Life or the Economy of the Animals) vol. 1, 1740; Drömboken, or Journal of Dreams; De cultu et amore Dei, or The Worship and Love of God which may be the book sometimes titles The Delights Of Wisdom Pertaining To Conjugal Love; Vera Christiana Religio (The True Christian Religion); Arcana Coelestia - including Earths in the Universe, The Last Judgment, New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine, Heaven and Hell, 1758; Camena Borea,1715 poem; The Messiah about to Come, 1745; The Word Explained, 1745–8; Journal of Dreams; Spiritual Diaries; Conjugial Love aka Conjugial Love: To Which is Added The Pleasures of Insanity Pertaining To Scortatory Love aka "Delitiæ Sapientiæ de Amore Conjugiali; post quas sequuntur Voluptates Insaniæ de Amore Scortatorio"; The Apocalypse Revealed ; Apocalypse Explained ; Spiritual Life and the Word of God ; "Specimen of a Work on the Principals of Natural Philosophy and Miscellaneous Observations on Natural Things", 1722; "Pentographical and lneralogical Works" , 1733-1734; "The Infinite", 1734; "Minor Principia (1720); The Principia (1730) ; Infinite and Final Cause of Creation (1734) ; Psychological: Empirical Psychology (1733) ; Rational Psychology (1742)"; "Apocalypse Explained" , 6 volumes, 1757-1759; Heaven and Hell (1758); The Four Doctrines (1763); Divine Love and Wisdom (1763); Divine Providence (1763), on the problem of Evil; Apocalypse Revealed, 2 volumes, (1766) ; True Christian Religion. 2 volumes, (1771) ; Miscellaneous Theological Works (1758-1769) ; Post-Humous Theological Works, 2 volumes, (1761-1772) ; The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine; Invitation to the New Church; published a scientific journal, Daedalus Hyperboreus;Prodomus Principiorum Rerum Naturalium, aka (A Precursor to Basic Principles of Nature)1721; Principia Rerum Naturalium aka Basic Principles of Nature aka Opera philosophica et mineralis vol. 1 , 1734, followed by a volume on Iron and a 3rd on Copper & Brass, all grouped together as Opera Philosophica et Mineralia (aka Philosophical and Metallurgical Works); Oeconomia Regni Animalis (aka Dynamics of the Soul’s Domain), 2 vols, 1740 & 1741; Regnum Animale (aka The Soul’s Domain), 3 vols more planned, but then… Enlightenment!; Arcana Coelestia (aka Secrets of Heaven) aka Arcana Caelestia (aka Heavenly Arcana, Heavenly Mysteries, or Secrets of Heaven), 1749 – 1756, 8 volumes, 1st ENLIGHTENED WORK, Genesis & Exodus interpretations correlated to Paracelsus’ “correspondence”; White Horse; Revelation Unveiled, 1766, his interactions with Spirits, Angels and Devils; Marriage Love, 1768, where the concept of Soul Mate originates; after the Lutherans of Sweden investigated him for heresy, he wrote True Christianity (1771); Last Judgment in the Spirit World; Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom (I think this is part of ) aka Divine Wisdom of Angels Concerning Divine Providence, 1790; published as Divine Love and Wisdom; The Divine Providence ; Conversations with Angels; Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom; All Religions Are One akaThe Wisdom of Angels Concerning Divine Love and Wisdom (the British Library copy has noted by William Blake; 1788; Excercitium Academicum…seu lucos Hebraeorum AKA Exercitium academicum Ašērîm seu lucos Hebraeorum & veterum Gentilium leviter adumbrans, 1699; Last Judgment and Babylon Destroyed - All the Predictions in the Book of Revelation. Are at This Day Fulfilled. From Things Heard and Seen, 1758 ; The Philosopher’s Notebook; “A Proof That Our Vital Essence Consists for the Most Part of Small Vibrations, That Is, of Tremulations”, 1718; “On the Height of Water and the Great Ebb and Flow of the Primeval World” , 1719; Draft on the Reproductive Organs; The Brain; Draft on the Five Senses; Supplements on the Last Judgment and the Spiritual World aka Continuatio de Ultimo Judicio: Et de Mundo Sprirituali, on Protestant afterlife, 1763; The Lord, 1763  ; Sacred Scripture, 1763  ; Life, 1763 ; Faith, 1763 ; Revelation Unveiled, on the Apocalypse of John, started 1764, never completed; Coronis aka Coda aka Crown, half lost before translation, 1771; journal Daedalus Hyperboreus aka Norther Daedalus; “The Stoppage of the Earth” ; “Dialogue between Mechanica and Chymia, on the Essence of Nature” with Christopher Polhem; Ferrum et igneum aka “Iron and Fire”; Prodromus principiorum rerum naturalium aka “Forerunner of the Principles of Natural Things” ; Methodus nova inveniendi longitudines aka “New Method of Finding the Longitude”; Miscellanea observata circa res naturales aka “Miscellaneous Observations Concerning Natural Things”, 1722; “New Ways of Discovering Mines . . . and Treasures Deeply Hidden in the Earth, 1719” ; poem Fabulae Amore & Metamorphosi Uranies in Virum, 1722; “On the Mechanism of the Soul and Body” unpublished; Inoffensive Thoughts on the Rise and Fall of Money, 1722; Principia rerum naturalium sive novorum tentaminum phaenomena mundi elemtaris philosophice explicandi aka Opera philosophica et mineralia; Prodromus philosophiae ratiocinatis de infinito et cause finalis creationis: de mechanismo operationis animae et corporis aka “The Philosophy of the Infinite”, 1734 ; Apocalypsis Revelata , 1766; “The Hieroglyphic Key” , 1742–44; “On Divine Prudence, Predestination, Fate, Fortune, and Human Prudence,”, unpublished and lost; “Rational Psychology”; “The Soul and the Harmony between Soul and Body in General, as told by I.S.E.G.O.F.”, 1741 - 1742; “The Fiber”; De caelo et ejus mirabilis, et de inferno, ex auditus & visis (“Heaven and its Wonders and Hell, from things heard and seen” aka Heaven and its Wonders and Hell, 1756-1758; De ultima Judicio, et de Babylonia destructa aka Of the Last Judgment, and the Babylon which has been destroyed, 1757; Apocalypsis Explicata, 1756 - 1759; De Telluribus in Mundo nostro Solari aka “The Earths in our Solar System”, written 1757, published 1758; Doctrina Novae Hiersolymae de Domino; Doctrina Novae Hierosolymae de Scriptura Sacra;' Doctrina Vitae pro Nova Hiersolymae; Doctrina Novae Hierosolymae de Fide; Sapientia Angelica de Divino Amore et Divina Sapientia; an essay on the Masonic “Lost Word”; Four Doctrines of the New Jerusalem, concerning I. The Lord, II. The Sacred Scriptures, III. Life, IV. Faith, 1763; In Summaria Exposito Doctrinae Novae Ecclesiae aka A Summary Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church which is meant by the New Jerusalem in the Apocalypse, 1769; Vera Christiana Religio aka “The True Christian Religion”; “The Intercourse Between the Soul and the Body”; “De Miraculis Divinis et Magicis,”, burnt by heirs; Les Merveilles du ciel et de l’enfer et des terres planétaires et astrales, traduit par Antoine Jacques Pernety aka Antoine Joseph Pernety ; "Les merveilles du ciel et de l'enfer et des terres planétaires et astrales. Par Emmanuel de Swédenborg, d'après le témoignage de ses yeux et de ses oreilles", traduit du latin par A. J. P., 2 volumes,1782, translated by Antoine Joseph Pernety ;

Quotes: “The Soul is seen in Dreams, when we are alone, and when we are in ecstasy”; Man was so created by the Lord as to be able while living in the body to speak with spirits and angels, as in fact was done in the most ancient times; for, being a spirit clothed with a body, he is one with them.” ; “I have often talked with angels on this subject, and they have invariably declared that in heaven they are unable to divide the Divine into three, because they know and perceive that the Divine is One and this One is in the Lord”; “Everything good or true that the angels inspire in us is God’s, so God is constantly talking to us. He talks very differently, though, to one person than to another” ; “The nature of heaven is to provide a place there for all who lead good lives, no matter what their religion may be.” ;: "And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband." ; " Every man is born corporeal, and becomes more and more interiorly natural, and in proportion as he loves intelligence he becomes rational, and afterwards, if he loves wisdom, he becomes spiritual."; "THE WILL OF THE WIFE CONJOINS ITSELF WITH THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE MAN, AND THENCE THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE MAN WITH THE WILL OF THE WIFE. The reason of this is, because the male is born to become understanding, and the female to become will, loving the understanding of the male";

Footnotes - + the “right intention” or Kawwanah aka Kavvanah in Hebrew aka Karezza;

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