Emilo Servadio

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Emilo Servadio AKA ES

Italy 1904 - 1995

Comments: Psychology; Jewish; Freemason; Qabalist; Rosicrucian;

Teachers: Julius Evola before his Fascist phase; Sigmund Freud; Anton Mesmer; Aldous Huxley; Domizio Torr; Edgar Allan Poe; Rudolph Steiner;

Students: Eileen J. Garrett;

Friends /Partners /Enemies: Benito Mussolini; Prime Minister Carlo Azeglio Ciampi; Giovanni Colazza; Giovanni Cesarò; R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz; Arturo Reghini; Giulio Parise; Sibilla Aleramo;

Organizations: Italian Psychoanalytical Society, 1932; Parapsychology Foundation; Loggia Propaganda 2 (P2 of scandal fame) of the Freemasons, Grande Orient d'Italia; RI Hermes Lodge; Monte Sion Har Tzion #705, a Jewish Lodge; Group of UR, which otherwise had few Jewish members; Anthroposophical Society;

Author: Sex Education; Psyche and Sexuality; The Fear of the Evil Eye, extracted from: Italian Journal of Psychoanalysis; Steps on the Path of Initiation; translated Edgar Allan Poe , Whimsical,1929

Resources: http://www.emilioservadio.com/joomla/biografia.html;